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New Punishment For Islamic Terror In Israel

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Israel should create a new punishment for Islamic terrorism in Israel. Every time Islamists do acts of terror in Israel, then all Muslims should be barred from the Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock for two weeks: no exceptions.

Israel should make the consequences for terrorism so distasteful, that incentive for such infidel practice would be severely hampered. When Islamists then argue, that Israel is changing the status-quo at the Temple Mount, Israel should then simply inform Islamists, that it was their own acts of terror that changed the status-quo for two weeks.

If Islamists cannot restrain their own people from doing acts of terror, then they have brought whatever consequences upon themselves. Israel would not be responsible, but the Islamists would be responsible. No Islamic terrorist should be allowed to use the laws as a shield behind which to hide.

If the Islamist response was agitating for a state of war, then so be it. Sometimes war is the only way for hard-headed people to come to their senses. Sometimes it takes war, for real peace to have a chance. Anyone too weak to stomach the possibility of war, is also too weak to arrive at the blessings of genuine peace.




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The Koranists

Image result for images ISIS beheading christiansKoranists preparing to behead Christians.

Forget the term Islamists. Forget the phrase Muslim extremist. The vast majority of terrorists in the world are inspired by the Koran. Imams preach violence based upon words in the Koran and take pleasure in it.

Two specific groups of people are attacked harshly in the Koran: Jews and Christians. You see this same thing played out in recent world news day after day. Koranists delight in killing Christians for the simple reason, that they are Christians. They constantly attack Israel and kill the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the same reason. They are inspired to do these things by the words of the Koran, and I know this for a fact; in that, I have read a lot of the Koran myself. The god of Koranists is the fallen-angel Allah, who hates Christians and Jews.

Koranists believe they are superior to Christians and Jews, by the words they get from the Koran. Their preferred method of subjugation is force and violence.

Muslim extremists are simply doing what is taught in the Koran, and they even kill other Muslims because, their victims are not serious about subjugating the world to the words of the Koran.

He that has the Son of God has life, and he that does not have the Son of God does not have life.

by Mickey McConnell of eternalmattersofstate



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The bloodthirsty Islamic kill machine has deathified another 49 Americans, whilst Democrats continue to support the infiltration schemes of Islamic Obama. Meanwhile back at the hacienda, Republican cowards whine loudly as they flounder about, just trying to find a backbone. All this is courtesy of Islam.

Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Insecurity made an astounding statement, that manifests the folly of the Obama administration.  He said that right-wing extremists pose as big a threat the United States as Islamic radicals. Jeh Johnson is reportedly a Muslim and/or Muslim sympathizer. Obama and the Democrats have put this friend of our enemies squarely in charge of our security. Now there is some real wisdom don’t you think? hmmmm  But let us return to this idea of right-wing extremist.

What is a right-wing extremist? You first need to know what “right-wing” means. The right wing in the USA has to do with being conservative, hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic, traditional. Extreme means “very, furthermost, maximum, exceptional, extraordinary”. So then a right-wing extremist would be a maximum conservative person, a very hard-working person, a extraordinarily God-fearing person, an exceptionally patriotic person, a furthermost traditional person.

You know what? A right-wing extremist could be defined as:   a genuinely wholeheartedly dedicated-to-Christ Evangelical Christian. That is me or at least I hope it is me. I want the world to know, that I am a right-wing extremist. I am proud to be a right-wing extremist. According to Jeh Johnson, I am as big a threat to the USA as a Islamic radicals. What a ridiculously asinine statement that reeks to the highest heaven! It is my type of person that through Christ made America great in the first place. Jeh Johnson is a poor deluded unfortunate soul.

Christ said, “He that loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me, and he that loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me, and he that does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He that finds his life shall lose it, and he that loses his life for My sake shall find it.” (Matthew 10:37-39) Did you notice how extreme and radical this saying of Christ is?

To not be extreme or radical about something, quite frankly, means that you are not very serious about that something. You are half-hearted. Christ made it very very very very very clear, that if you are not all the way for Him, then you are not worthy of Him. I am a radical Christian. I am all in. This means that I strive to love my enemies, I rejoice in truth, I resist Satan and evil, I stand for whatever is Godly, I do not kill anyone for the cause of Christ, I will defend to the death those innocent souls, I will stand against abortion-on-demand, I will stand against homosexuality, I will stand against the destruction of the traditional family and marriage, I will seek to save the souls of some, I will protect and defend the ones I love from all enemies foreign and domestic, I will try to save my country from becoming a godless hellhole.

The people that settled this country and made it great were just such people as these. Why would any of us apologize for being a right-wing fanatic? The progressives, atheists, Democrat Party, etc. are the ones who are over the top and don’t forget that. They have come to hate Christ and Christianity and will use the power of government to persecute us.

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Pass Mandatory Gun Ownership Like Kennesaw Georgia

Get this: TERRORISTS DO NOT CHECK WITH THE AUTHORITIES BEFORE ARMING THEMSELVES! It is ludicrous to suggest, that we need to pass stricter gun laws. Stricter gun laws only make it harder for the people who would defend themselves.

It is a fact, that terrorists arm themselves regardless of whatever gun laws exist. Do you really think ISIS sympathizers care if we pass 1000 new gun laws? I guarantee you, that they could not care less. It only makes us look like a bunch of pansies. Quite frankly, it is very un-American. Yes you heard me right and I will repeat it: It is very un-American.

Kennesaw, Georgia passed a law in 1982 requiring each household to own one firearm and also ammunition for this firearm. The vote was unanimous. The law was passed to make Kennesaw and the people who live there more safe. IT WORKED! The crime rate went down 89% and remained low.

I consider myself to be a decent patriotic citizen, who cares about the well-being of my country and those around me. It is ILLOGICAL to disarm the citizenry! If I were a criminal; I would love for the government to ban firearms. It would make my life and criminal career much easier.

In light of recent terrorist attacks in the USA, Americans should do exactly the opposite of what President Obama is saying. Cities and states and even the federal government should show compassion to the citizens by making it very easy to possess firearms. They should encourage the public to practice their shooting skills until they are quite capable. There will always be criminals until the end of time and no amount of psychiatry will  change that. One thing a criminal understands very well, is the distinct sound of a gun being cocked in the middle of the night. Guns turn would-be victims into victors.

The government was created to be a terror to evil works and not a terror to good works (Romans 13:3). Any ruler that does not terrorize felony criminals is not fit to be a ruler. Any ruler that makes it more difficult for the citizenry to defend themselves, is also not fit to be a ruler.


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I Hate Obama’s America!

Artwork of the Great Fire of RomeEnvision a country where the commander-in-chief likes the terrorists more than he likes his own military. Contemplate a ruler who loves ramadan far more than he loves Easter. Imagine a leader who celebrates homosexuality more than he celebrates straight. Behold a ruler who resents capitalism and loves welfare. Consider a ruler that delights in authoritarianism and despises private ownership of firearms.  Behold a president that prefers the trafficking of human baby body parts to the protection of innocent life. Visualize a ruler who tinkers with the very cornerstones just for the fun of it.

Grasp the idea of a leader who fans the flames of racial unrest against traditional America. Reflect on the thoughts of someone who swears to uphold the Constitution of the United States of America during the light of day and when the night falls conspires to neutralize its authority. Envisage a chief executive who swears undying loyalty to you publicly while privately colluding with those who hate your guts. Fancy a boss who ruins the meaning of easily understood words like marriage, ally, gay, worker, terrorist, nature, choice, immigration, American.

No my friends: Obama’s America is not great. He speaks many eloquent words, that make some sort of twisted sense to his constituents, but are nothing more than sedatives for the willfully blind. Now America, hear this prophet of doom:  change course while yet you may! Almighty God much more prefers to heal and restore you. And if you will not listen, then you will most certainly be tossed onto the rubbish heap of history along with all the other great nations and empires of centuries past. The guests of Hades will greet you at your arrival.


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Israel Crushes Islam

download (4)I find it incredibly fascinating. The United States is the most powerful nation in the world by far; and yet, the renegades that make up ISIS (Islamic State of Iraq and Syria) have the United States worried. Israel on the other hand does not have time to be worried. They face threats everyday from Islamic haters and murderers. Israel is more concerned about the Muslims of Iran, than they are of the Muslims that make up ISIS. But just what is the driving force behind ISIS and these others? Pure and simple, they are motivated by the words of the Koran, the god known as Allah, and the spirit of Islam. Why are these people so worried about tiny Israel, when Muslims out number Israelis 100 -1? Well let me tell you. They have plenty of reason to fear Israel. Read II Kings 19:35 and you will see, that one single angel of YaHVeH killed 185,000 Assyrians in one night. The Assyrians were a warlike people renowned for their cruelty, but YaHVeH dispatched them at will.

The Hebrew slaves of Israel were sent away in haste and great fear by the Egyptians, after YaHVeH through Moses decimated their land and people with 10 unprecedented plagues. The Egyptian King Pharaoh changed his mind and pursued Israel in an attempt to reclaim his slaves, only to have his army 100% annihilated by YaHVeH in the Red Sea. It is a fascinating story that is found in the first 14 chapters of the Book of Exodus. Middle-Eastern history is full of stories concerning YaHVeH the God of the Hebrews/Jews. When tiny Israel served only YaHVeH, the invaders of Israel were crushed one by one, but when Israel sinned against YaHVeH, the invaders of Israel experienced success.

Isaiah  44:6 says, “Thus saith YaHVeH King of Israel and His Redeemer the LORD of hosts: I am the first and I am the last, and beside Me there is no god.” You see YaHVeH is the God of all creation and Allah is not. YaHVeH is righteous and holy and will not tolerate sin. Those who serve YaHVeH will always win in the end, and those who resist YaHVeH will always be crushed in the end. This God YaHVeH is unique. He does not wish for anyone to serve Him that does not want to serve Him. He gives all men free choice and He desires that they choose according to their hearts desire. Of course YaHVeH longs for every man, woman, boy and girl to choose to love Him, and this is why He sent His only Son Messiah Yahshua Jesus to die on the cross. Yahshua Jesus willingly received upon Himself the punishment we all so richly deserve. Let me say it again: YaHVeH does not coerce people to follow Him, but Allah does. The god of Islam is an imposer. Allah uses the sword, beheadings, threats, fear, intimidation and manipulation as a means to forcibly gain followers. Allah demands that you submit to him. YaHVeH invites you to be a part of His kingdom, if you so choose. You better believe that Islam fears Israel and it is because of Israel’s God YaHVeH. Allah trembles at the name of YaHVeH. Allah trembles at the name Yashua Jesus. Though Allah should sweep across the world and submit all the nations to himself; though Allah should kill two thirds of the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob; though the odds be increased to 1000 – 1, yet will he suffer complete and incurable ruin at the hands of YaHVeH. The truth of the matter is this: Israel is not really the one that crushes Islam. YaHVeH is the One Who crushes Islam. The Muslim terrorists will be terrorized one day by YaHVeH, unless they repent. Believe it or not, Yahshua Jesus died in the place of Muslim terrorists too, and He invites even them to repent and be eternally rescued from eternal damnation. If they do not repent, they will know eternally what terror is all about and they will not escape. There will not be 72 virgins waiting for them. They will be judged one by one by Almighty YaHVeH. His judgments are just and final, blessed be His name forever and forever.download (3)


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Inhumane Palestinians?

140706_burnJust recently three Jewish boys were kidnapped and murdered in Israel. The names of these three boys are Eral Yifrah, Gilad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel wh0 has dual Israeli/USA citizenship. The incident has caused a major uproar among Israelis as well it should. Not long after the three bodies were found, the body of a Palestinian boy named Mohammed Abu Khdeir was found. He apparently had burns over 90% of his body and was still breathing while on fire. All four of these killings are gruesome, immoral and atrocious. It matters not the nationality of a human. Life is precious and is to be treated as such. In the Old Testament of the Holy Bible, kidnappers and pre-meditation murderers were to be executed for their crimes; therefore, it is obvious that the Almighty views such activity with deep contempt. When the murderers and kidnappers of these four young men are found, and they are sure they have found the right people, the kidnappers/murderers should receive capital punishment.

I would like to make a few observations about the Palestinians. First thing, not all Palestinians are of this sort. I met a Palestinian man while I was in Israel, who was a very nice man. I liked him a lot, and wish he lived close by so I could enjoy his friendship. Unfortunately, a large percentage of Palestinians are filled with hatred towards Israelis and Americans. Are you aware the Palestinians celebrated in the streets because of the 9/11 destruction of the Twin Towers in New York City at the hands of the Muslim terrorists? They were happy about the jet plane crashing into the Pentagon. Can you imagine that? Some three thousand Americans were violently slaughtered on that day and the Palestinians are so filled with joy, that they celebrate! Are you aware that the terrorist organization Hamas, which resides predominantly in the Gaza strip, places their military sites in civilian areas and in civilian homes in an effort to protect them from attack? You see, they know that Israel and much of the world have a love for life and will try to avoid attacking such a situation in order to preserve civilian life. Surely you understand, that the Palestinians are willing to risk the loss of civilian life in order to protect their military. In other words, they have a culture of death. Did you know that Palestinian and Muslim terrorists strap explosives to themselves and go among the Israeli civilian population and then blow themselves up along with their Israeli victims? They believe this will earn them an instant place in heaven and give them dozens of virgins for their pleasure in eternity. This is a culture of death that does not respect life. Their god Allah is supposed to be pleased with these sorts of acts. Did you know, that Palestinians regularly fire rockets into Israeli civilian areas at random. They hope to kill the people of Israel, but when Israel retaliates against the Palestinian military, the Palestinians are ready to point out any collateral damage to their civilian population. This is a culture of death. Surely you see the contradiction here. Palestinians openly attack civilians in Israel, but whine to the world when their civilians are harmed by collateral damage.  This makes me very angry. This culture of death is the epitome of the most undesirable human mentality on the planet. It is very barbarian in nature. Quite frankly, I believe most barbarians would not do some of the things that the Palestinians do. I have absolutely no respect for this mentality. Did you know that Israel traded hundreds of prisoners including terrorists for a single soldier named Gilad Shalit? You see, Israel loves and respects life. They are like the United States. We place a high value on our people, but the Palestinian and Muslim peoples do random acts of violence as a way of life or should I say as a way of death? What is so puzzling is the fact, that so many peoples of the world will still take sides with the Palestinians.

The world claims, that Israel is occupying Palestinian territory. The exact opposite is true. Way back around the time of Christ, Israel sinned very wickedly against Almighty God YaHVeH. Because the Almighty hates sin, He gave Jerusalem and the temple over to destruction by Rome. Israel was dispersed among the nations. The Land of Israel still belonged to these exiles even then, because the Almighty gave the land to Abraham and to his descendants as an eternal possession. Almighty God allowed other people to occupy the Land of Israel for an appointed time. The Palestinians are occupying land that belongs to the people of Israel. The Palestinians are the troublemakers here. Israel has patiently put up with them and their senseless acts of death and destruction. Wake up world and get real!

In light of all the evidence I have presented concerning the inhumane deeds of the Palestinians, is it possible that some Palestinians might burn one of their own alive in order to relieve the pressure caused by the kidnapping and murder of those three Jewish young men? Surely they would not do such a thing would they? Maybe not. But then a person would say the same thing about these other atrocious things that we know for a fact have been perpetrated against the Israelis by Palestinians. Surely they would not have done these acts either would they? Let us assume for a moment that it was an act of revenge by an Israeli. When will the random acts of death and destruction by the Palestinians against Israelis over and over and over and over and over again be understood by the world as atrocious and totally unacceptable? Never? The Israelis are looking for the murderer of Mohammed Abu Khdeir. If they find who did it, they will likely punish them severely. Will the Palestinians find or punish the kidnappers/murderers of Eral Yifrah, Gilad Shaer and Naftali Frenkel? It is doubtful, and if they do anything, they will likely name a street after them. This is how things work in a culture of death.

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