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Trump v. Mueller

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Special Counsel Robert Mueller wants to interview President Trump in his Russian Collusion Probe. The problem is, Mueller’s primary goal seems to be, to destroy President Trump any way he can.

Mueller’s team is loaded with Democrats. Mueller’s investigation has far exceeded the original purpose of the probe. Mueller has engaged in gestapo-like tactics, such as raiding one of President Trump’s friend’s home in the night in search of evidence against Trump.

I will repeat; it seems obvious that Mueller is determined to do great harm to the duly elected president of these United States of America. So here is what President Trump should do.

President Trump should agree to sit down with Mueller for the interview. Every single time Mueller asks him a question, President Trump should say: Mr. Mueller, I perceive that you and your team’s intentions are to end my presidency by any means available, including harming my family, harming my friends, trying to trick me into some sort of contradiction that you can use to prosecute me, and much much more; therefore, I take the 5th Amendment to protect myself from your malice.


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N. Korea Has Played The Fool With Japan

Image result for Kim Jong un Japan imagesNorth Korea’s little ruler has played the fool it seems. North Korea threatened to sink Japan and said that Japan no longer needed to exist near them. If that was not provocative enough, the little leader test fired missiles right over Japan on two different occasions.

Question: What would the mighty United States do if another country fired missiles over Hawaii? Wouldn’t they be shot down immediately? Would not the U.S. congress  declare war on that nation without any delay? Would not death and destruction be rained down upon that nation?

Don’t you see how very hostile North Korea’s little man is? Do not think for even one second, that Japan is relaxing and forgetting what happened.

Let us consider historical facts. Japan’s empire ruled much of mainland China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, East Timor, New Guinea, Guam, Wake Island and many more Pacific Islands around the time of World War II. They had an army of approximately 5 million. They had at least 10 aircraft carriers not counting battleships and destroyers. They had over 3000 aircraft including the famous Japanese Zero. The Japanese were fierce fighters for their emporer, who was viewed as a god.

Japanese military prowess is not confined to World War II. The Bushido Samarai was a way of life for many in Japan. This warrior class lasted for hundreds of years. Japan has a very strong military past.

Japan has a very strong industrial complex and is the third leading economy in the world. By comparison, North Korea was ranked 113th in the world by the UN in 2015. Japan is not a complacent nation, and you can be sure, that they are burning the midnight oil, working on their own solution to North Korea’s unnecessary belligerence.

Japan has been considering changing its passivist constitution for quite sometime now. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s party just won in elections again and they have a two-thirds super majority. Abe has promised to deal strongly with North Korea.

Let me tell you something my friends: South Korea may not stand up to North Korea, but Japan is the wrong country to be firing missiles over. If North Korea continues to agitate Japan, the result will most likely be Japan reclaiming a strong offensive military capability and possibly even going nuclear, then it will be the North Koreans who start to tremble. It will be China, who wished they had slapped North Korea down while there was still time. It will be Russia who is not so happy about such a change of events.

Should Japan rise up in this fashion, it might be North Koreans fearfully watching missiles splash into the Sea of Japan just off the eastern coast of North Korea. It might be Japan taking target practice at Kim Jong un dolls floating in the Yellow Sea just off of Korea’s western coast.

I think little man Kim Jong un had better rethink his strategy, if he wants to continue to rule North Korea. Proverbs 22:3, “A prudent man forsees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.”

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USA Violates Human Rights

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The USA regularly preaches to Russia, China, Iran, Arab nations, North Korea, etc. about human rights, but we are guilty. America needs to repent of its sins and then we can once again preach to the world about morality.

We dress up our human rights violations as women’s-right-to-choose and such like. So is a murderer simply exercising their right-to-choose? If a woman can always do what she wants with her own body; then how is it, that she goes beyond to kill the human baby she is carrying too? Can the unborn baby also enjoy the right to do what they want with their own bodies. The abortionists are not asking the unborn human baby, if they are okay with being killed. America has slaughtered 59 million unborn human babies in a holocaust beyond belief; and yet, we continue to preach to the world about human rights.

Let us not confuse ourselves with cleverly devised phrases; such as, women’s-right-to-choose. This is a very moral sounding phrase, but it by design deceives the hearer. Almighty God gave all humans the-right-to-choose about everything, and this right is very extensive.

Every person will choose to do good or choose to do evil. A person has the right to choose whether they will steal or not, but government has the right and duty to punish the thief. A person has a right to choose whether they will rape or not, but government has the right and duty to punish the rapist. A person has the right to choose to speak lies or speak truth, but government has the right and duty to punish the false witness. A person has the right to choose either to birth their unborn human baby or kill it, but government has the right and duty to protect the innocent. Males have the right choose to have sex with males and females have the right to choose to have sex with females, but governments have the right and duty to punish this kind of perversion. (if you do not believe me then read Leviticus 20:13 & Genesis chapters 18 & 19) We will all be judged by how we exercise our right-to-choose. The Holy Bible is very explicit in its teaching of how the Almighty will punish those, who use their right-to-choose wickedly.

Just because the Supreme Court arrogated to itself the right to abrogate the rights of unborn human babies does not make it moral. If the Supreme Court Justices that okayed abortion-on-demand do not repent of this wicked decision before they die, then they are in grave danger of eternal damnation.

The USA preaches to the world about morality, but the stench of America’s sins has reached Almighty God’s nostrils. We are no longer a moral nation. Abortion-on-demand is a horrible evil. Homosexuality is an abomination. Welcoming Islam to America’s shores is betraying the God of our fathers. The pornography industry is a moral disgrace and indulging the abuse of drugs will not prosper. Supporting the dividing of the Land of Israel is a foolish game.

Where are your morals O America? Where has your fear-of-Almighty God gone? Your preaching to the world about morality is proof, that you do not even realize how far you have fallen. Hypocrisy is a a fool’s game; therefore, fall on your face and repent while yet there is time, and Almighty God will have mercy. If you continue  to refuse to hear His voice, then you will be caught unawares on the day of your calamity and there will be none to rescue you. Let him that has ears to hear take heed to himself and turn from his wicked ways.

Proverbs 27:12, “A prudent man forsees the evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.”

Psalms 9:17, “The wicked shall be turned into hell and all the nations that forget God.”


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Israel Regained Jerusalem And West Bank Via Muslim Initated Hostilities

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Will the United States return Texas to Mexico? Will Pakistan return the country to India? Will Great Britain return Northern Ireland to Ireland? Will France give up Burgundy? Will Russia leave Crimea? Will Islamic countries surrender their lands to previous owners? The obvious answer to all of these questions is no. Whether by war or by intrigue, the above-mentioned lands came into the possession of modern-day governments. They were once disputed territories.

Arab/Muslim nations have attacked and/or threatened Israel on more than one occasion. As a result, the Arab/Muslims lost control of West Jerusalem, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Judaea, Sumaria, and the Jordan Valley.

Islamic Nations gained control of their lands by conquest, just like Israel gained control of the land of Israel from Arab/Muslims. Muhammad conquered the Arabian Peninsula, seizing the land from its owners. The spread of Islam was largely through armed conflict. It is extremely disingenuous for Muslims to claim any part of Israel as their own.

Not only did YaHVeH give the land to the sons of Jacob, but Israel successfully defended the land in 1948. Israel also conquered the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Gaza, and Sinai in 1967 after the hostile actions of the Arab/Muslim nations became intolerable. In 1973, Israel was attacked again by Arab/Muslims and Israel successfully defended their land.

War is the final word in conflict, when diplomacy and words fail to settle the matter. A nation must be able to defend its own property, if it wants to keep it. This is the case down through history. If Arabs/Muslims do not wish to lose more territory, then they should stop attacking Israel. Israel is not trying to expand its borders beyond the land they conquered. They just want to be left alone. YaHVeH is far stronger than Allah and not someone to be messed with.


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End Times Alert!

China is moving boldly to conquer the United States’ world domination of economies. Do not forget these 4 letters: AIIB. The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank is a creation of China.

During World War II, the United States ascended the throne of world domination. The U.S. military played the key role in defeating the German/Japanese/Italian quest to take control of the planet. In 1944 toward the end of World War II, all 44 nations of the Allies met in Breton Woods, New Hampshire and formed the future World Bank and International Monetary fund. It effectively put into place a new world order economically speaking, and left the United States at the top of the heap.

The American dollar became the new world currency by which nations handled transactions. Because the United States controls the World Transaction Instrument (the U.S. dollar), it has been virtually immune from many of the woes of other nations. When the United States spends itself into financial trouble, it simply prints more money. Because the world continues to do its transactions in U.S. dollars, the world has somewhat insulated the United States from reaping the consequences of its foolish spending in the short term.

Enter the AIIB. Fifty-seven nations and growing have signed on with this new entity: the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank. Horror of horrors, even our very staunch ally Great Britain has recently joined. Both friend and foe have effectively laid down the gauntlet challenging U.S. world domination.

WHEN THE WORLD NO LONGER DOES ITS TRANSACTIONS IN U.S. DOLLARS, THE MOST LIKELY SCENARIO IS THE COLLAPSE OF THE UNITED STATES ECONOMY. Some nations are already dumping U.S. bonds. With no way to refinance its debt, the U.S. will no longer have anywhere to hide. The United States is descending from the dominant position it has held for many decades. Google “AIIB New York Times” for yourself.

My friends, the end-time prophecies of the Holy Bible will most surely come to pass just as the Holy Spirit inspired them. We can party on into the night and refuse to recognize the signs-of-the-times all around us, but that will not change the reality on the ground. Almighty God rules in the kingdoms of men. Study Holy Bible prophecy and see for yourself: there seems to be no mention whatsoever of the United States; therefore, we must decrease on the world stage.

57 nations AIIB founders: Australia, Austria, Azerbaijan, Bangladesh, Brazil, Brunei, Cambodia, China, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iran, Israel, Italy, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Kyrgyzstan, Lao, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Maldives, Malta, Mongolia, Myanmar, Nepal, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Republic of Korea, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, South Africa, Spain, Sri Lanka, Sweden, Switzerland, Tajikistan, Thailand, Turkey, UAE, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Vietnam.

A prudent man foresees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished. Proverbs 22:3


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Gog Magog Chief Prince Meshech Tubal



Armenia and Azerbaijan have had a flareup in fighting in recent days. This conflict and this area is worthy of continuous observation by those tracking end-time prophesy. Georgia, Armenia, Turkey and Azerbaijan appear to be at the heart of the prophet Ezekiel’s Holy Spirit-inspired narrative in Ezekiel 38 & 39.

It appears, that the anti-Christ Gog is from the land of Magog and is the leading ruler of Meshech and Tubal. This appears to be that above mentioned region.

There is a possibility, that the Armenia-Azerbaijan conflict is nothing more than a shifting of geo-political variables, that will one day produce the man of sin: the man who will sit in the temple of YaHVeH in Jerusalem claiming that he is God. Second Thessalonians 2

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Russian Putin Becoming Christian?

                                                                                                  PUTIN AT EASTER SERVICE

By Mickey McConnell, December 22, 2015

Is it possible? that former member of the KGB, Vladimir Putin, is showing signs of seeking after Almighty God? I cannot say for sure that he is a Christian, but he seems far more Christian than President Obama. Apparently Putin’s father was atheistic and a communist; but get this, his mother was Eastern Orthodox Christian. She had Vladimir Putin baptized secretly at a young age, because she feared her husband would not like it. Could it be, that Putin was so influenced by his mother’s Christianity, that he has come full circle? Only Almighty God knows the answer to that.

According to the story, Putin wears a cross that he never takes off. It was given to him by his mother for a trip he was taking to Israel. He took it with him to Christ’s tomb in Israel for a blessing and the cross is very special to him. Putin has been seen making the sign of the cross at church. Putin and Russia have in recent years supported traditional Christian morality; such as, resisting the spread of homosexuality. Apparently Putin has spoken strongly about the foolishness of the U.S. Democrat Party and President Obama in pushing for more socialism saying, that the USSR has already experienced the failure of socialism. Under Putin, Russia seems to be having somewhat of a revival of Christianity with Putin’s blessing. Putin seems to be perplexed at how the great United States of America is leaving behind its Christian roots.

Of course, none of this proves, that Putin is a Christian; however, it strongly suggests something unusual is going on inside of him and in a good way. Wise men will think more and more about eternity the older they get. Wisdom makes its voice heard all around us, and the heavens declare the glory of Almighty God. Almighty God is not so much concerned about our past, but directs us to prepare for eternity. The apostle Paul was guilty of heinous crimes against “The Young Christian Church”; and yet, Almighty God forgave him and used him mightily. King David was guilty of adultery and murder; and yet, Almighty God forgave him and set him back on the right path.

Vladimir Putin may be guilty of many offenses in his past, but the Holy Bible says that we all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God. If Putin confesses his sins to Almighty God, then he is forgiven same as anyone else. (I John 1:9). Also in Romans 10:9, “If you will confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that Almighty God raised Him from the dead, you will be saved.”

I don’t know about you, but I have great respect for anyone who seeks after Almighty God to know Him. Putin interests me a lot. I am a disciple of Christ first and foremost, and my allegiance is to Him. The “kingdom of God” is more about making disciples for Christ, than it is about being American or Russian. I 100% support Putin in his journey to know Christ, and I hope that he gets it right for time and eternity. Man looks at the outward appearance but the Almighty looks on the heart.

I am greatly saddened, that the president of the United States is moving the USA in the opposite direction. Obama is undermining Christianity and Christians in the United States, while Putin is encouraging Christianity and Christians in Russia. The United States has lost its moral authority to dictate morality to the world. We have become and example of what not to do and what not to be. The United States of America better repent while there is still time. Our great republic is in steep spiritual decline and will not be turned around without turning back to Almighty YaHVeH.

If you are interested in following my blog, please scroll up and click the follow button on the right side of the page. May Almighty God bless you as you seek His face.



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Almighty YaHVeH Punishes Turkey On Behalf Of Israel

The nation of Turkey and President Erdogan can only wait nervously for the Russian hammer to fall. Let me explain.

We reap what we sow. (Galatians 6:7) The nation of Turkey sowed foolish seed back in May of 2010. The MV Mavi Marmara boat flotilla was designed to break the “Israeli Blockade on Gaza”. Israeli commandos in stopping the flotilla were physically attacked by activists in the flotilla, resulting in the deaths of nine activists. Turkey was very angry with Israel for stopping the flotilla; even though, Turkey was the main culprit behind the disastrous event involving activists from 37 nations.

Turkey demanded an apology from Israel, compensation to the nine families who lost loved ones, and an end to the blockade. Israel apologized, offered compensation, but refused to end the blockade.

ONCE AGAIN, Turkey has played the part of a fool by shooting down a Russian military plane. Now Russia is the one who is demanding an apology and compensation from Turkey. You see, Almighty YaHVeH’s justice moves slowly but surely. Turkish President Erdogan, who thinks of himself more highly than he ought to think, is caught between a rock and a hard place. Russia,who does not play around with the likes of Turkey, has imposed sanctions against Turkey and promised, that there is more justice to come. Although Turkey’s President Erdogan has put on a tough exterior look, apparently he is a bit frightened by the future consequences of his country’s actions against Russia. The pressure and embarrassment that Erdogan fostered against Israel has come full circle and now he is in the same position. Erdogan can only wait nervously until the Russian hammer falls upon him from the foolishness of some future event.

Erdogan in his haughtiness has been strutting around like a “banty rooster” against Israel, but now he has stepped in it. The wise thing for Erdogan to do, is to humble himself and back away from harassing Israel, before something really bad happens to him or his country. The next time he acts so foolishly might be absent any remedy.

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Turkey’s Erdogan Drags NATO Into World War 3?

President Putin of Russia will not forget about Turkey shooting down his warplane. In fact, Russia has already levied tough sanctions against Turkey. Putin demanded an apology from President Erdogan of Turkey and Erdogan refused. Watch two stubborn wills collide and consider.

Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan is an extreme Islamist. He brazenly and overtly sided with the Palestinians against Israel, forcing an awkward situation for Israel and the United States. He seeks to be a type of strongman in Turkey, if not caliph of the revived Islamic Ottoman Empire. He is at odds with Kurdish people. The Turkish air force has flown its warplanes across the border into Syria violating Syrian airspace, but then shoots down a Russian warplane for allegedly violating Turkish airspace? Have mercy!

Turkey also belongs to the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and thus is an ally of the United States. The interests of Turkey and the interests of the United States are not the same. It appears that Turkey is emboldened by its relationship with NATO, and uses it as a cover to agitate in the region. With tensions rising steeply between Turkey and Russia, Muslim Erdogan is playing with fire of the worst sort, knowing that it could spark a disastrous conflict between Russia and the United States. What happens between the United States and Russia is not Erdogan’s greatest concern. He is Muslim through and through and he is not loyal to NATO or the United States. He is more concerned with furthering the cause of Islam and the fallen angel Allah.

The time has come for NATO to kick Turkey out of its organization. Turkey is no where near the North Atlantic Ocean anyway. Erdogan is very likely playing NATO to advance his aspirations as leader of the Muslim world. The tensions in the Middle-East are already near the breaking point and the United States could easily be dragged into a conflict by the careless foolishness of Erdogan. At the very least, the United States should warn Erdogan, that NATO is for the common defense and not to further the expansionist cause of Turkey and Islam. If Turkey agitates itself into an unnecessary war, the United States should not back them up.


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Russian President Putin Better Man Than Obama

PutinVladimir Putin, the president and leader of Russia, is a better man than the American president Barack Obama. Can you believe, that Putin has a moral standard or two?

In June 2013, the Russian State Duma passed a federal law banning the distribution of “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relations” to under aged children. The vote was passed overwhelmingly 436-0. President Vladimir Putin signed it into law, because it promoted traditional Russian values contrary to governments from the Western World, it protected children, and would help to increase the declining birthrate in Russia. President Obama openly protested the Russian law by not attending the opening ceremonies of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, or even sending the vice-President, First Lady or a former president to the opening ceremony. Instead, Obama put an openly homosexual tennis star named Billie Jean King into the U.S. delegation.

Did you get that? Russia and Putin are more Godly in this than the USA and President Obama! This is a shocking development. The USA in the past has demonstrated a type of moral authority world-wide in many matters, but not any more. I am embarrassed to admit, that the USA no longer stands for Christian righteousness. Sadly, the USA now stands for unrighteousness and does not have the right to preach against other nation’s faults. I am ashamed and appalled. The rest of the world needs to be on-guard, when it comes to dealing with the USA. It has gotten to the point, that much lawlessness reigns in the not-so-good USA, in the place of the Holy Bible &  Christianity of times past. The USA has become a secular nation increasingly destitute of what made it great. It will not take too many more years for America to plunge into steep decline  as a result. Sin is a reproach to any people. (Proverbs 14:34)

I don’t want you to think, that I believe Putin is a Godly man. I am just making a point, and I hope you will think about. It is not where you are from that impresses Almighty God. It does not matter if your nation used to be the most Godly in the world. It does not matter if your grandparents were oh so holy. What matters is, what you are doing now. The past is not good enough for today. Vladimir Putin would be a better man for president of the United States, than Barack Obama. At least Putin loves his country.

My prayer is, that I learn to think like the Almighty thinks. I want to think about people, the way YHVH thinks about people. I want to respect what YHVH respects and have contempt for what the Almighty has contempt for. Think about it: the Almighty will not bless the USA as long as they flaunt Him with their wickedness. YHVH gave His people ancient Israel into the hands of their enemies when they forsook Him and He will not think twice about doing the same with the United States. Almighty God honors those who honor Him and despises those that despise Him. (I Samuel 2:30)

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