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When The Mushroom Cloud Goes Up It Will Be Too Late

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For when they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction….   First Thessalonians 5:3

Peace. Peace. Peace. Worldly peace IS NOT PEACE! Worldly peace involves compromising all that is holy. For there to be peace among all nations in this old world; freedom loving peoples would have to compromise with those who do not love freedom. The problem with this is, that as soon as freedom-lovers give up their weapons, those who do not love freedom will seize upon the opportunity to conquer. It is in the freedom-haters DNA and this will never change.

There are certain forces in the world that are deeply sinister. The Shiite Muslim leadership in Iran fits this description. They fiercely hate Israel! It is no exaggeration to say; Iran’s nuclear program is being built with the expressed desire to annihilate Israel and the world foolishly indulges itself with illusions of peace and safety. You do not annihilate a country with conventional weapons people.

Iranian Army leader Mousavi has threatened to turn Tel Aviv and Haifa, Israel into dust. North Korea’s leaders have suggested, that Japan no longer needs to exist near them. The mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart. Iran and North Korea are not just trying to keep their countries safe; they are building nuclear weapons with evil intentions against their neighbors. What fool would dare trust them?

When the nuclear-mushroom-cloud goes up, it will be too late to undo the dangerous liberal mindset, that regularly denies there is any imminent danger. Liberals all over the world believe, that all we need to do is talk and negotiate. Peace peace peace they say. They have learned nothing from history; namely, that the weak and defenseless nations get kicked around by tyrannical nations, who only understand brute force.

Nations such as South Korea and Japan have much to fear from nuclear communist North Korea. The nations of the Middle-East have much to fear from a nuclear Iran. To allow totalitarian nations to threaten freedom-loving nations with nuclear weapons is a fool’s game, that will not turn out well.

How long will the worldly peace-mongers put us in danger? Tyrants will never make peace with freedom-loving peoples, unless the freedom-loving peoples agree to submit to them; therefore, worldly peace is unacceptable. Freedom-loving people must defend themselves from a position of strength, because freedom only comes by the price of blood. The right kind of peace generally requires war to subdue the oppressor and to demonstrate to other would-be oppressors what the cost of their actions will be if they do not back off.

Second Corinthians 3:17, “. . . Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”




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New Punishment For Islamic Terror In Israel

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Israel should create a new punishment for Islamic terrorism in Israel. Every time Islamists do acts of terror in Israel, then all Muslims should be barred from the Temple Mount and Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock for two weeks: no exceptions.

Israel should make the consequences for terrorism so distasteful, that incentive for such infidel practice would be severely hampered. When Islamists then argue, that Israel is changing the status-quo at the Temple Mount, Israel should then simply inform Islamists, that it was their own acts of terror that changed the status-quo for two weeks.

If Islamists cannot restrain their own people from doing acts of terror, then they have brought whatever consequences upon themselves. Israel would not be responsible, but the Islamists would be responsible. No Islamic terrorist should be allowed to use the laws as a shield behind which to hide.

If the Islamist response was agitating for a state of war, then so be it. Sometimes war is the only way for hard-headed people to come to their senses. Sometimes it takes war, for real peace to have a chance. Anyone too weak to stomach the possibility of war, is also too weak to arrive at the blessings of genuine peace.



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Seductive Peace

images (11)Have you ever noticed how entertainers, actors, academia, college students, tree-huggers, nature lovers and many more preach adamantly about peace? I want to explain to you why they are talking about a subject, that they virtually know nothing about. #1 How can good triumph over evil without war? Do you really believe that evil will simply see the light and lay down their hatred along with their weapons? Really? It is ludicrous and naive to think so. Evil is neither complacent nor docile. Evil is an imposer. It aggressively and gleefully imposes itself on the weak and innocent. Evil understands nothing except brute force. Evil refuses to submit without extreme aggression. This is a fact of life that has always been there, and it always will be there in the world in which we now live. #2 The source of conflict is not comprehended by the peaceniks. There is a war going on in the heavenlies and it is played out in the earthly realm. You cannot solve a problem with band-aid therapy; you must go to the root of the problem if you are going to stand any chance at all of resolving it. Eons ago Almighty God created the mighty angels. He also created a being named Lucifer. Lucifer was created perfect and good, as is everything the Almighty creates, but the Almighty also gave Lucifer the power of choice. At some point Lucifer chose to rebel against the Great Creator and convinced one third of the angelic host to follow him in this conspiracy. There was war in the heavens and Lucifer was defeated. He was cast down to the earth for an appointed time. Later, the Almighty created mankind and put them in the Garden of Eden, knowing full well that Lucifer/Satan would tempt them to also rebel against Almighty God. Adam and Eve foolishly gave ear to Satan’s deceit and sinned against the Almighty. The result of their sin was this: Adam and Eve died spiritually speaking. They did not die physically that day, although they were cursed with the concept of physical death in their future; however, a fallen nature (sin nature) came upon them and their descendants from that day and forward. This is that root problem of which I spoke earlier. The root of ALL conflict in our world is mankind’s struggle between following the voice of his fallen-nature and Satan, O – – – R, following the voice of Almighty God. Contrary to what so many false teachers are saying out there, man is not inherently good. Man is inherently evil. This does not mean that man never does anything right, but it does mean that he is ridiculously inclined to do what is wrong. There is only one true, genuine, enduring, unfailing, overcoming, satisfying, chain smashing, captive delivering peace and it comes through knowing Christ Yahshua Jesus. All other attempts at peace, whether well-intentioned or not, are bogus and doomed to failure. The real conflict is between Almighty God the lover of your soul, and Satan the hater of everything good. #3 Many millions foolishly dismiss the validity of the Holy Bible and turn to their own puny logic to save themselves. Mere mortals are not capable of giving themselves eternal life and it is pure folly to think so. Every one dies and every one will face the Almighty on the judgement day. If you refuse to accept Yahshua Jesus as Savior and Lord, then you my friend are willfully engaging in the largest conflict you could possibly imagine. Many of the peaceniks act so pious and above the fray; but in reality, they are the most adamant warmongers to be found. They say, “Peace, peace”, while raising a mighty sword in opposition to the One who made them. They speak of tolerance, while demanding that you leave your principles behind. I am not fooled by their double-speak, and I encourage you to open your eyes to their sweet-sounding, unbending hatred for the Great Creator. Their peace is a seductive peace that leads to destruction. Peace, peace: yeah right! Their peace is conceived in deceit and rebellion, but outwardly they appear to be such fine examples. How very sad! (Romans 3:17 The way of peace have they not known.) The world is full of people clamoring for peace, while leaving out the main ingredient, the Prince of Peace Yahshua Jesus, who would gladly forgive them and set them free.


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Pope Wants What?

images (3)Now let me see if I have this right. Almighty God gave the land of Israel to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants as an EVERLASTING possession, and Pope Francis wants to release a large portion of Israel’s inheritance to a group who is not descended from Isaac and Jacob? It is not fitting that anyone should interfere in the affairs of Almighty God, much less Pope Francis the leader of the Roman Catholic Church. Almighty God permanently settled ownership of the land of Israel by purposefully and specifically giving it to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants eternally. Almighty God is never confused. He knows the beginning from the end. The omniscient Creator hasn’t changed His mind about this. He could have given the Land of Israel to anyone of His choosing. He could have given it temporarily to one and then to someone else; however, He pointedly gave it to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants exclusively, eternally. I value my belongings. When I decide to give some of it to a particular person, it is a result of careful deliberation. If anyone interferes in my decision, I will be very displeased; for after all, I can do with my stuff whatever I choose. Someone else may point out why it is wrong for me to give it to this particular person, but my possessions do not belong to them. That person can dispose of their own possessions in a manner that pleases them, but they may not dispose of my possessions, for I am the owner of my possessions. It is the most basic law of ownership. Notice Genesis 25:5-6, ” And Abraham gave all that he had unto Isaac. But unto the sons of the concubines which Abraham had, Abraham gave gifts and sent them away from Isaac his son while he yet lived eastward unto the east country.” I challenge you to read the whole section objectively. You can say that it was unfair for Abraham to give all his belongings to Isaac and only give gifts to Ishmael and the others. You can say that it was unfair for Abraham to send Ishmael and the others away from Isaac to the east country. The problem with people saying it is unfair, is that Abraham was doing the will of Almighty God in this matter. To say it is unfair, is to say, that Almighty God is unfair. There is no one more fair than the Almighty. Let us continue our rationale here. You can say that it is unfair for Israel to possess the land of the Palestinians, but none of the land of Israel belongs to the Palestinians.  Abraham gave all he had to Isaac and sent Ishmael and the others away from Isaac to the east country, because this is what the Almighty wanted. You can call Israel an apartheid state, but really you are accusing the Almighty of being unjust when you do this. You can say that the people of Israel are undemocratic by not doing with the land what the Palestinians want them to do, but saying such a thing is opposing the will and word of Almighty God. It is never wise to oppose the will of the Great Creator. You may say,  “BUT, we need to have peace in the middle-east”. Doesn’t that sound so noble? So let me get this right. You are saying that the wishes of the Almighty are in opposition to the notion of peace?  You see, herein lies the crux of the whole matter. Do you really believe we can achieve a lasting just peace while excluding YaHVeH? Such a thing is completely 100% absurdly preposterous; and yet, this is exactly what the whole world is trying to accomplish. The whole world is disregarding the wishes of the Great Creator, while professing that their designs are just and right. In essence the whole world is declaring that Almighty God is unjust, but that the world is just. If you will comprehend what I am saying here, you will comprehend what is completely and ridiculously wrong with the world. And this is exactly why Pope Francis better be very careful how he proceeds in this matter. For Pope Francis to advocate dividing Israel’s inheritance with the sons of Ishmael and others, is to withstand the wishes of Almighty God. There will only be hell to pay, if we resist the Almighty. Resisting the Almighty in the name of peace is still resisting the Almighty. It sounds so good to insist on peace between Isaac and Ishmael, but peace between Isaac and Ishmael in a way that tears down the plans of Almighty God is not a true and lasting peace. Almighty God had Abraham give all that he had to Isaac, because this was His plan before Sarah, Abraham and Hagar brought about the birth of Ishmael. Almighty God had Abraham send Ishmael away from Isaac to the east country, because Ishmael would only interfere in the plans Almighty God had for Isaac and the people of Israel. And get this. The plan Almighty God had for Isaac and the people of Israel was to bring the Messiah Yahshua Jesus into the world to save sinners like me and sinners like you.

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