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The Koranists

Image result for images ISIS beheading christiansKoranists preparing to behead Christians.

Forget the term Islamists. Forget the phrase Muslim extremist. The vast majority of terrorists in the world are inspired by the Koran. Imams preach violence based upon words in the Koran and take pleasure in it.

Two specific groups of people are attacked harshly in the Koran: Jews and Christians. You see this same thing played out in recent world news day after day. Koranists delight in killing Christians for the simple reason, that they are Christians. They constantly attack Israel and kill the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for the same reason. They are inspired to do these things by the words of the Koran, and I know this for a fact; in that, I have read a lot of the Koran myself. The god of Koranists is the fallen-angel Allah, who hates Christians and Jews.

Koranists believe they are superior to Christians and Jews, by the words they get from the Koran. Their preferred method of subjugation is force and violence.

Muslim extremists are simply doing what is taught in the Koran, and they even kill other Muslims because, their victims are not serious about subjugating the world to the words of the Koran.

He that has the Son of God has life, and he that does not have the Son of God does not have life.

by Mickey McConnell of eternalmattersofstate




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45 Unpeaceful Adult Muslims Every Single County In USA

england_41.8 million adult Muslims live in the USA. Some 8-10 percent are not peaceful. That is approximately 150,000 unpeaceful adult Muslims in the United States. There are 3144 counties, or the equivalent, in the U.S. That means we have roughly 40-50 unpeaceful Muslims for every county in the entire United States.¬†32% – 85% of Muslims sympathize with the radical Muslims. Let’s be generous and go with 33% of Muslims sympathize with radical Muslims. 33% of 1.8 million is 600,000 Muslims in the United States that sympathize with the radicals. This means that there are 190 Muslims for every county in the U.S. that sympathize with the 40-50 radicals for your county.

I wonder what they are doing right this minute in your county? Are your children safe? Are your grandbabies safe? Is your wife safe?

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