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N. Korea Has Played The Fool With Japan

Image result for Kim Jong un Japan imagesNorth Korea’s little ruler has played the fool it seems. North Korea threatened to sink Japan and said that Japan no longer needed to exist near them. If that was not provocative enough, the little leader test fired missiles right over Japan on two different occasions.

Question: What would the mighty United States do if another country fired missiles over Hawaii? Wouldn’t they be shot down immediately? Would not the U.S. congress  declare war on that nation without any delay? Would not death and destruction be rained down upon that nation?

Don’t you see how very hostile North Korea’s little man is? Do not think for even one second, that Japan is relaxing and forgetting what happened.

Let us consider historical facts. Japan’s empire ruled much of mainland China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, Thailand, Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore, Myanmar, East Timor, New Guinea, Guam, Wake Island and many more Pacific Islands around the time of World War II. They had an army of approximately 5 million. They had at least 10 aircraft carriers not counting battleships and destroyers. They had over 3000 aircraft including the famous Japanese Zero. The Japanese were fierce fighters for their emporer, who was viewed as a god.

Japanese military prowess is not confined to World War II. The Bushido Samarai was a way of life for many in Japan. This warrior class lasted for hundreds of years. Japan has a very strong military past.

Japan has a very strong industrial complex and is the third leading economy in the world. By comparison, North Korea was ranked 113th in the world by the UN in 2015. Japan is not a complacent nation, and you can be sure, that they are burning the midnight oil, working on their own solution to North Korea’s unnecessary belligerence.

Japan has been considering changing its passivist constitution for quite sometime now. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s party just won in elections again and they have a two-thirds super majority. Abe has promised to deal strongly with North Korea.

Let me tell you something my friends: South Korea may not stand up to North Korea, but Japan is the wrong country to be firing missiles over. If North Korea continues to agitate Japan, the result will most likely be Japan reclaiming a strong offensive military capability and possibly even going nuclear, then it will be the North Koreans who start to tremble. It will be China, who wished they had slapped North Korea down while there was still time. It will be Russia who is not so happy about such a change of events.

Should Japan rise up in this fashion, it might be North Koreans fearfully watching missiles splash into the Sea of Japan just off the eastern coast of North Korea. It might be Japan taking target practice at Kim Jong un dolls floating in the Yellow Sea just off of Korea’s western coast.

I think little man Kim Jong un had better rethink his strategy, if he wants to continue to rule North Korea. Proverbs 22:3, “A prudent man forsees evil and hides himself, but the simple pass on and are punished.”


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When The Mushroom Cloud Goes Up It Will Be Too Late

Image result for Kim Jong un watches missile launch with binoculars

For when they shall say peace and safety, then sudden destruction….   First Thessalonians 5:3

Peace. Peace. Peace. Worldly peace IS NOT PEACE! Worldly peace involves compromising all that is holy. For there to be peace among all nations in this old world; freedom loving peoples would have to compromise with those who do not love freedom. The problem with this is, that as soon as freedom-lovers give up their weapons, those who do not love freedom will seize upon the opportunity to conquer. It is in the freedom-haters DNA and this will never change.

There are certain forces in the world that are deeply sinister. The Shiite Muslim leadership in Iran fits this description. They fiercely hate Israel! It is no exaggeration to say; Iran’s nuclear program is being built with the expressed desire to annihilate Israel and the world foolishly indulges itself with illusions of peace and safety. You do not annihilate a country with conventional weapons people.

Iranian Army leader Mousavi has threatened to turn Tel Aviv and Haifa, Israel into dust. North Korea’s leaders have suggested, that Japan no longer needs to exist near them. The mouth speaks out of the abundance of the heart. Iran and North Korea are not just trying to keep their countries safe; they are building nuclear weapons with evil intentions against their neighbors. What fool would dare trust them?

When the nuclear-mushroom-cloud goes up, it will be too late to undo the dangerous liberal mindset, that regularly denies there is any imminent danger. Liberals all over the world believe, that all we need to do is talk and negotiate. Peace peace peace they say. They have learned nothing from history; namely, that the weak and defenseless nations get kicked around by tyrannical nations, who only understand brute force.

Nations such as South Korea and Japan have much to fear from nuclear communist North Korea. The nations of the Middle-East have much to fear from a nuclear Iran. To allow totalitarian nations to threaten freedom-loving nations with nuclear weapons is a fool’s game, that will not turn out well.

How long will the worldly peace-mongers put us in danger? Tyrants will never make peace with freedom-loving peoples, unless the freedom-loving peoples agree to submit to them; therefore, worldly peace is unacceptable. Freedom-loving people must defend themselves from a position of strength, because freedom only comes by the price of blood. The right kind of peace generally requires war to subdue the oppressor and to demonstrate to other would-be oppressors what the cost of their actions will be if they do not back off.

Second Corinthians 3:17, “. . . Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”



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Solution To Korean Crisis

Image result for images north korea

South Korea has become a strong economic power in the world. Economically speaking, South Korea is far superior to North Korea, and boasts the eleventh largest economy in the world, even surpassing Russia and Australia. In just one generation, South Korea has gone from being a poor nation to being a wealthy nation. By comparison, North Korea had the world’s 113th strongest economy in 2015 according to the UN.

The most difficult problem of dealing with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is the fact, that South Korea’s capital Seoul is a mere 35 miles from the North Korean border. Approximately 10 million Koreans live in Seoul. If Kim Jong Un could successfully launch one of his nuclear bombs 50 miles into the heart of Seoul with successful detonation; the loss of human life would be catastrophic.

South Korea knows this. China knows this. The United States knows this and of course Kim Jong Un knows this. No one wants to speak this out very loudly for fear that Kim Jong Un might act, so what are we to do?

The United States is a sort of guarantor of South Korea’s security, and has 28,500 military personnel stationed inside South Korea. Should a pre-emptive strike be undertaken against North Korea; it would necessarily have to be incredibly successful, because a nuclear retaliation by North Korea into the heart of Seoul, if successful, would show the world just how vulnerable the world is in spite of overwhelming U.S. military superiority.

I propose, that the United States instantly raise South Korea to nuclear-power status. The U.S. would install world-class nuclear tipped missiles permanently in South Korea with the capability of reaching anywhere in North Korea and parts of China. South Koreans would be trained to operate these installations on their own. The USA and South Korea would enter a mutual understanding, that the South Koreans could fire these missiles at North Korea if they so choose, and without permission from the USA to do so. Fail-safes would be put into place in case a South Korean government ever went rogue. The United States would hereby be relieved of PRIMARY responsibility for defending South Korea from the reckless Kim Jong Un.

Furthermore, the U.S. could then concentrate on whatever threat the North Koreans pose to the United States. With three aircraft carrier groups now in the Western Pacific, Carl Vinson, Ronald Reagan and Nimitz, the U.S. could get down to serious preparations for neutralizing the North Korean threat.

I propose, that the USA permanentize its navy anti-missile batteries in close proximity to North Korea, because China has willfully squandered all U.S. requests to bring North Korea to heel. Every single time Kim Jong Un fires off a missile, the U.S. will use said missile as target practice for its anti-missile batteries, thus making our anti-missile capabilities more and more lethal with every launch.

We could do the same thing for Japan, if we could do it in such a way, that Japan would not return to its imperialist ways of World War II. This could be a new type of deterrent for Western alligned nations, seeing that China and Russia seem to aid and abet loose cannons such as Iran, North Korea, Syria, Pakistan and Iraq in their quests for nuclear weapons.



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Tough Job For Muslims

14745376-dramatic-black-and-white-face-of-a-worried-young-man-emerging-from-a-black-backgroundFirst, I want to say how excited I am to have the privilege of being read by people from some 40 nations: USA, Philippines, Australia, India, United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Guyana, South Africa, Thailand, Malaysia, Norway, Hong Kong, Kenya, Singapore, Kuwait, Russian Federation, Republic of Korea, Israel, Qatar, Japan, France, Ireland, Egypt, New Zealand, North Mariana Islands, Italy, Turkey, Netherlands, Macao, Indonesia, Brunei Darussalem, Puerto Rico, Solomon Islands, Malawi, Papua New Guinea, Germany, Pakistan, Nicaragua, Bahrain, Mexico. It gives me great joy to share truths from the Holy Bible, as well as writing about political matters in the light of eternity and the Word. To every single person in every one of these nations, I say thank-you. Please feel free to leave a comment for me to mull and please forward my posts to family and friends.

Several years ago I had a Muslim brother-in-law from Pakistan. I really liked him a lot. He was quite an interesting fellow and was indeed sincere about Islam. We had many discussions about religion, Christianity and Islam. Of course the majority of people are going to embrace what they are taught as a child; however, it is impossible that all religions are right. There are many who want to disqualify Christianity as the way to Almighty God, because of atrocities committed during the political rule of the Roman Catholic Church during the Middle Ages and even later. Many thousands were killed and/or tortured by means; such as, being burned alive at the stake and stretched on the rack. The Crusades may have seemed noble at the time, but Christianity is about Almighty God’s love for mankind through Yahshua Jesus, and not about being in control of a particular territory militarily, politically or otherwise. The name of Christ has suffered much because of these historical facts. Christ made this statement in the Book of Luke 17:20-21: “The kingdom of God cometh not by observation: Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for behold, the kingdom of God is within you.” You see, Christ’s kingdom is not about anything concerning this secular world. It is about Almighty God rescuing us from our sins, changing us to be like Him from the inside out, and making us mature and fruitful. Christ’s kingdom is not about forcing people into submission with the sword. In fact, Almighty God gave each one of us “free choice”, and He refuses to force anyone to serve Him. While the Almighty prefers that all humans love Him; He absolutely will not attempt to force humans to love Him; after all, forced love is not really genuine love. So then, the killing and torture during the political rule of the Catholic Church of unwilling followers violated everything that Christ taught. I want to say quickly, that not everything the Catholic Church does is wrong, so please don’t think I have a vendetta with them, but I want you to know: there are many millions of Christians outside of the Catholic Church. Roman Catholicism only makes up a part of Christianity. I want to repeat that statement. The Catholic Church makes up only one part of the Christian Church. As for me, I am simply a “proclaimer of divine truth”, and I try to follow Truth wherever He leads me. This leads up to my next point.

There are numerous passages in the Koran, that talk about killing those who resist, especially Jews and Christians. In other words, Allah is not interested in humans exercising the power of “freedom of choice”. As far as Allah is concerned, you either submit to him willingly or unwillingly. This is a sharp contrast between the teachings of Christ and the teachings of Islam/Mohammed/Allah. Allah worries much about having an earthly kingdom and he drives his followers to accomplish this goal for him. If anyone disparages Mohammed and Islam, Allah wants his people to kill them. By contrast, Almighty God YaHVeH is not intimidated by anyone. Christ clearly taught, that the majority of humans will go through the broad gate that leads to destruction in Matthew 7:13-14. Almighty YaHVeH knows there will be more people who will reject Christ, than who will put their trust in Him for eternal life, but this does not change His game plan. YaHVeH will make all things right on the judgment day and He is not worried if someone disparages His name. Of course YaHVeH does not like people to reject Him, to disparage Him, or to make fun of Him, but He is not interested in Christians killing these kinds of people to protect Himself. Do you see the difference. Allah is so worried and angry trying to have an earthly kingdom and about having respect from everyone, but YaHVeH calmly accepts the odds being overwhelming and seems to prefer it that way. Allah kills and maims the dissenters, leaving death and destruction in his wake, but YaHVeH patiently presses forward against evil, building His great kingdom ever so surely. You can see the predicament that Muslims are in, because they have to fear and quake in hopes that Allah does not severely punish them for not doing enough killing. Muslims have to try and work their way to heaven by satisfying Allah, who is very hard to please. Oh, there is a huge difference between the Christian God and the god of Islam.

For all the Muslims out there, I invite you to put faith in Yahshua Jesus the Christ for eternal life. You will never be able to do enough to please Allah, but you don’t have to earn eternal life with YaHVeH, because YaHVeH already did it for us in sacrificing His Son in our place. All we have to do is put our trust in Christ and live our lives for Him. YaHVeH does not desire that you kill or maim anyone to make Him happy. He will take you as you are and help you to become all that He wants you to be.


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