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Media Hyper-Angry President Trump Wont Lay Down And Surrender

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President Trump smashes the right eye of the news media as he ducks out of the way of a vicious roundhouse right. After side-stepping another hay-maker, the President sinks a mean uppercut deep into the gut. The news media gasps for air, staggering backwards off balance.

As blood trickles from both nostrils, the media frantically plots their next move to destroy the chief executive, and they deserve the thrashing they are receiving at the hands of the President.

Anyone that has any objectivity at all, knows that the News Media hates President Trump. They are not used to taking their own medicine and it has a vile taste indeed.

The power of the press is tremendous. They are used to making or breaking people. They are used to maligning God-fearing people and tearing down every decent thing this country used to stand for. They cleverly destroy, while feigning sweetness.

If the news media were not who they are; I would almost feel sorry for them, but they deserve what they are receiving at the hands of the President.

The news media acts like they are righteous defenders of the helpless, and they used to be just that, but they have become a pack of wolves ravening their prey. They have become the right arm of communistic thought. They rejoice in Sodom and Gomorrah.

They have become the defender of the enemies of America. They defend the unjust cause of the Palestinians. They encourage the USA-hating Islamists to immigrate to our country by the millions. They defend the selfishness and barbarity of aborting innocent unborn human infants.

They are guilty of encouraging the redistribution of America’s hard earned wealth among the slothful. They seek to integrate America into the global one-world system, thereby bringing an end to our independence.

The American news media has had their way for so long, that they are shocked at being taken down a notch or two. How dare the President not agree with them, that he is a stupid idiot incapable of leading?

As Melania Trump once said, “Donald will punch back twice as hard.”

If the news media does not like being clobbered, then I advise them to stand down and have a little respect for the leader of our nation. Stop all the hyper-ventilating against America’s duly elected president.

If they want to be treated respectfully, then they need to learn courtesy and respect themselves. I don’t blame the President for punching them back in the mouth figuratively speaking.

In case the news media has not figured it out, about 1/2 of America is thrilled that they finally have someone on their side that can duke-it-out with the best of them.

1/2 of America cheers every time the president lands a blow on these rattlesnakes that hate America.

Mr. President, I commend you for loving America. It is written all over you. You indeed are trying to make America great again. Thank-you for that. And thank-you for standing side by side with Israel.

I counsel you to call America to repentance and to return to its Judeo-Christian roots: to the God we served and worshiped in our infancy. You have proven that you have the guts to resist the tear-America-down crowd.

Show America that you have humbled yourself before Almighty God and lead us back into the right path. Please be vocal about it and in a good way. This is the real source of America’s greatness sir. May Almighty God bless and keep you and your family safe.


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The Time For War Has Come


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The Palestinians have randomly fired hundreds of rockets at Israel’s civilian population. Palestinian arsonists have burned some 4300 acres of Israeli farmland, nature reserves and forest land with¬† so-called incendiary kites/balloons. They have rioted along Israel’s border by the thousands with Hamas operatives trying again and again to breach Israel’s border with malicious intent. The Palestinians greatest desire is to hurt and destroy Israel.

The Holy Bible in Ecclesiastes 3:1 says, “To every thing there is a season, and a time to every purpose under heaven.”

Ecclesiastes 3:8, “. . . a time of war and a time of peace.”

Yes, you read that right: there is a time for war! Israel’s cause for war IS JUST! The only thing the Palestinians understand is brute force, because they are a brutish people. Of course there are a few good people even among the Palestinians, but I am talking about the whole. Remember how the Palestinians celebrated 9/11, when the Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed by terrorists? The Palestinians love to hate. They love to agitate. They love to destroy. They love to kill. They love to burn. They love to stab. They love to explode bombs in areas crowded with Israeli civilians. The People of Gaza have proven, that they are not worthy to be Israel’s neighbors. The cause of the Palestinians IS NOT JUST!

The time has come for Israel to hit the Gaza Strip with overwhelming force. It was a big mistake for Israel to pull out of Gaza and give it to the Palestinians in the first place. Israel tried to do a noble thing in giving Gaza to the Palestinians, but the Palestinians would have none of it, and have been only ungrateful, spiteful, and vengeful. Appeasing the Europeans and the Muslims was wrong and it absolutely did not work. After all the dust has settled, Israel should annex the Gaza Strip to Israel proper permanently.

President Trump should lend 100% U.S. support for Israel at the UN, because the wimps at the UN are okay with daily-death-and-destruction from the Palestinians against Israel. The Two-State solution was a terrible idea and should be completely abandoned. Democracy for Israel should be abandoned, if it means that Arabs and Muslims can vote, because in that case it would be harmful for the sons of Jacob. The term “apartheid state”, used as a derogatory term for Israel, is an extremely foolish and poorly thought out phrase. It is little more than a cosmetic lie.


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