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Hamas Vampires Seek Israel Blood

Related imageSatan speaks with forked tongue & Hamas speaks with forked tongue. Hamas purposefully pretended to drop its call for Israel’s destruction; while at the same time, continuing to call for liberating Palestine from Israel even violently.

What is the difference? Both statements mean the end of Israel as a nation, but the world swallowed the lie hook, line & sinker, because the world is so gullible and wimpish. The world wants peace at all costs, but sometimes the cost of peace is worse than continuing conflict.

If the Palestinians stopped hating Israel; they would no longer have a purpose for living. All their joy and fun would suddenly vanish away. When an Israeli dies, Palestinians are able to smile at life for another week. They are like vampires, that live from one bloodfeast to another.

When the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed, Palestinians danced in the streets. They celebrated yet another bloodfeast. The reason? because the United States helps prevent the Islamists from overrunning Jerusalem and Israel. I am confident that there are a few good Palestinians; but as a tribe, they are not our friends.

The Palestinians continue to stalk Israel with their fangs protruding, longing to sink their vampire teeth into the neck of Israel. They want blood and they want it now: another suicide bomber blowing blood and sinew all over the street, another random stabbing, another victim killed in their bed, another rocket fired into the middle of Israeli civilians, another decapitation, another Israeli run over by a car. What vampires do is a case in study for what Palestinians do.

The next vampire movies should feature the blood lust of Palestinians, for they are two of a kind. They do not respect life. They love strife and disrupting tranquility. The way of peace they do not know. They send their children to schools, that spend their time teaching that Jews are like a dog with rabies. You would think that they would be ashamed of this, but they are not.

The fallen angel Allah delights in this vampirish blood lust. The United States, Europe and the rest of the world had better wake up. Islam speaks out of both sides of its mouth. It tells you what you want to hear with one side of their mouth, while preparing your subjugation and/or destruction with the other side.

President Trump, you had better watch the Palestinian leader Abbas like a hawk, because Abbas is a full-blooded Palestinian just like the ones I described above. He cannot be trusted in the least. He smiles and tickles your ears with words, while betraying you behind your back.

Proverbs 12:6, “The words of the wicked are to lie in wait for blood, but the mouth of the upright shall deliver them.”



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Muslim Plans To Destroy Israel Laughable

Image result for images war hamas

One of the main planks in Islam is the hatred of Jews and Israel. Islam constantly plots its next battle with Israel and constantly loses. Islamic imams use colorful language to describe how they are going to crush Israel this time, only to lose another round with them. It is completely laughable how Islamic leaders continually speak of their losses against Israel as resounding victories. Though the odds are grossly stacked against Israel and are embarrassingly lopsided, yet Islam will never ever ever destroy Israel. They are wasting their time trying to do so, because Allah is an inferior fallen angel, who could never overthrow Almighty YaHVeH in a gazillion years.

The real bottom line is this: Israel’s God YaHVeH loves to wait until the odds are insurmountable, before He moves to defend His people!

Psalms 2:4, “He that sits in the heavens shall laugh at him, for He sees that his day is coming.”

Islamic Hezbollah in Lebanon reportably has 100,000 rockets stored to use against Israel at a later date. They are situated along Israel’s northern border. Go ahead Hezobollah, double your storage to 200,000 rockets and you will still lose.

Islamic Iran, with a population of approximately 80 million people, has a very large nuclear program it intends to use to annihilate Israel. It is constantly transporting rockets across Iraq and Syria to its puppet Hezbollah and saying Israel should be wiped off the map. Iran’s western border is approximately 550 miles from Israel. Stop bragging Iran, and fire off a nuclear weapon onto Israel if you think you can, but know this: It is just as likely to explode on the launching pad destroying thouands of Iranians.

Turkey’s Islamic president Erdogan makes no secret of his hatred for Israel. Turkey was the epicenter of the former Islamic Ottoman Empire with designs to rule the world. Turkey’s southern border is situated only about 240 miles to the north of Israel. Turkey also has a population of approximately 80 million. President Erdogan, stop running your mouth against Israel. If you were half as great as you act like you are, then you would have already given us a memorable demonstration of your greatness.

The Islamic organization Hamas and the Palestinian population in the West Bank and Gaza are perhaps Israel’s most annoying enemy. Hamas exists for the sole purpose of destroying Israel and was elected to rule Gaza by the people of Gaza. They go from one war with Israel to another. Every day they continue to build tunnels into Israel, strengthen military infrastructure among their human-shield civilian population and plot ways to hurt Israel. Hamas borders Israel to the West. Hamas, you will fail again next time, because your god is a false god that gives you false hope. Your enclave was demolished last time, and next time Israel might just annex you to Israel proper.

Islamic Saudi Arabia is a very wealthy oil-rich nation, that is home to the most important Islamic religious cities of Mecca and Medina. The majority of terrorists involved in the 9/11 attacks against the United States came from Saudi Arabia. A large percentage of funding for Islamic terrorism comes from Saudi Arabia and Saudi opposes Israel constantly in international forums. Saudi Arabia, your countless efforts have met defeat again and again. You should have learned by now, that you cannot defeat YaHVeH. If you persist in your hatred of Israel, then you will meet with a horrible calamity. Turn back while there is still time. YaHVeh will forgive those who confess their sins to Him.

The United Nations is filled with Muslim nations, who constantly use the forum to agitate against Israel. Go ahead UN, stack the odds as viciously as you can against Israel and see what end results you will suffer. Though all the nations of the earth be gathered against Israel, it will not be enough. Do you really think you can prevail against Almighty YaHVeH?

Israel should annex all of the West Bank to Israel proper. Israel should then apply this litmus test to every single Palestinian in the land: You must swear allegiance to Israel and its well-being as a decidedly Jewish state from generation to generation or leave the country forever.

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Israel’s Spoils Of War

Related image

Douglas MacArthur receiving unconditional surrender of Japanese

For thousands of years, the spoils of war have gone to the victor. When a nation is provoked again and again by antagonizing nations surrounding them; war is to be expected. In such a case, it is a righteous war for the nation that has been harrassed again and again.

Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Iraq have harrassed and attacked Israel on several occasions, resulting in Israel gaining more land. Israel won these spoils of war fair and square. I repeat, Israel won these spoils of war fair and square. I repeat once more, Israel won these spoils of war fair and square.

Forget the idea of “The Territories”. Forget the idea of “The West Bank”. Forget about, “The Right of Return”. The land belongs to Israel outright, because they defeated the Arabs/Muslims on the battlefield. Israel should annex all of the “West Bank”, and it should never allow the “Right of Return” for any reason. They should possess the land 100% and turn with all their hearts back to the Creator.

Dozens of attacks against Israel emanate from Gaza; therefore, Israel has every right to conquer Gaza. The next time there is a war with Gaza, Israel should retake Gaza with an unconditional surrender and annex it to Israel Proper and the rest of the world should sit down and shut up.

When Hezbollah in Lebanon initiates hostilities against Israel; Israel should conquer the invaders to an unconditional surrender and annex their territory to Israel Proper.

The next time the ayatollahs of Iran threaten Israel, then Israel should do whatever they choose in answer to them, and the rest of the world should sit down and shut up.

I will take it one step further. A group of people that continues to harrass, attack, and victimize another group of people should expect to be met with overwhelming force and then compelled to pay tribute to their victim conquerors. Their victim conquerors would also be justified in enslaving them, if they chose to do so. This type of slavery is completely legitimate. If a hostile group of people does not want to be conquered, then they need to stop their aggressions and leave their victims alone. Their relentless hostile behavior is a willful choice that has potentially devastating consequences, and the rest of the world should sit down and shut up.

Israel is a tiny nation that wants to be left alone. The land that they have conquered to date is justly theirs and the United Nations, Europe, and others need to sit down and shut up. If everyone will just leave Israel alone, then there can be peace in the Middle-East. The spoils of war belong to Israel outright with no need of compensation or otherwise.

Zechariah 2:8, “For thus says the LORD of hosts; After the glory hath He sent me to the nations which spoiled you, for he that touches you touches the apple of His eye.”


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8 Proofs Obama Is Anti-Semitic

Image result for images Obama and UN 2334President Obama’s statement, that the United States will always have Israel’s back, appears to be nothing but a bald-faced lie. Obama’s actions are clearly anti-Semitic.

UN resolution 2334, that Obama backs 100% by his own action and inaction, brazenly demands that Israel give up the Western Wall. The Western Wall, also known as the Wailing Wall, is a very holy place for Israelis. Jews go there and weep over the destruction of the Temple. Asking Jews to give up the Wailing Wall is like asking Muslims to give up Mecca. It is like asking Jews to surrender who they are to a hostile and indifferent world. There are some things worth dying for and it is a foolish thing to ask Jews to give up what they hold dear in their hearts. This is classic anti-semitism.

The shameless Resolution 2334 also demands that Israel give up East Jerusalem. The Temple Mount is in East Jerusalem. In 70 A.D. the Roman general Titus retook Jerusalem and destroyed the Temple. The Jews were dispersed among the nations. The phrase “next year in Jerusalem” became the heart cry of the Jews in hopes of returning some day to Israel and to their beloved holy city Jerusalem. Barack Hussein Obama is asking Jews to give up what they waited for over 1800 years. Anti-Semitism!

Psalms 137:5-6 says, “If I forget you O Jerusalem, let my right hand forget her cunning. If I do not remember you, let my tongue cleave to the roof of my mouth; if I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy.”

This passage in Psalms was inspired by the Holy Spirit. Almighty YaHVeH has put it into the heart and soul of the Jewish nation to love Jerusalem more than anything else on this earth. For Obama, Kerry and world leaders to insist that Jews give up part of Jerusalem and Israel, is to blatantly take up hostilities against Almighty YaHVeH Himself. It is anti-Semitism of the worst sort. These people who preach tolerance are extremely intolerant.

Furthermore, the Obama administration wants to uproot some 300,000 Israelis and force them off their God-given land in the mischaracterized West Bank. Apparently, they want Israelis to hand the keys of 50,000 nice modern homes over to Palestinians. The Holy Bible and archaeology have long established Israel’s 3000 year connection to this land. Again, this is anti-Semitism by Barack Obama.

Obama pushed hard and succeeded in making a deal with Iran. The deal allows Iran/Persia to move forward with nuclear weapons after waiting for about 10 years. Obama okayed the sending of 1.7 billion dollars to Iran, with the first installment being $400,000,000 dollars in cash on pallets sent on a plane. Obama agreed to release over $100 billion of frozen Iranian assets. Iran is the biggest promoter of terrorism on the planet and is responsible for much of the trouble in the Middle-East through proxies such as Hezbollah, Hamas, Syria, etc. Iran has publicly stated its hope for Israel’s demise on more than one occasion. These actions strengthen Israel’s ancient arch-enemy Persia/Iran. These are anti-semitic actions from the President of the United States Barack Obama.

In 2010, Prime Minister Netanyahu of Israel was brought into the White House through a back door, in a total disrespectful treating of an ally head-of-state. Obama tries to cleverly hide his real self concerning Israel and Islam, and has had success in leading the Democrats around with a nose ring. Now the Democrats are having to swallow the shame of what they have been supporting all along. Obama is an anti-Semite and Democrats are supporting his anti-Semitism.

Therefore, it is completely consistent to place President Obama in the same class with Nebuchadnezzar, Mohammed, Hitler, Pharaoh, Haman, Sadaam Hussein, Yasser Arafat, Ayatollah Khomeini, Ayatollah Khamenei, Ahmaninejab, Mashal, Nasrallah, Nasser, etc. All these were anti-Semetic and Barack Hussein Obama is very very much like them: a very strong enemy and threat to Israel. Obama is a complete and total embarrassment for the United States.



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United Nations Tool Of Islam

Image result for UN images

Islam is a political system and there are approximately 60 Islamic countries that are members of the United Nations. It is perhaps the largest voting bloc at the UN and they push their religious agenda first and foremost.

Tiny Israel is Islam’s main target.  While other nations of the world pursue prosperity and security, Islam prefers to do harm to Israel. This is one of the weirdest phenomena you will ever see. They have used their voting power and influence primarily as a tool to attack Israel. It seems that this is the most important thing in the life of Islam. This bloc of Muslim nations also makes themselves busy in recruiting other nations to oppress Israel.

For example: Hamas in Gaza attacked Israel so many times, that Israel counter-attacked in the 2014 Israel-Gaza Conflict. War raged for about 7 weeks. During that time, thousands of Palestinians died, some of them even at the hands of their own Hamas. Hamas had purposefully placed military installations among its civilian population, causing much loss of life to its own people, as an excuse to accuse Israel of war crimes.  When all the smoke cleared, Gaza lay in ruins. Now get this: several nations have pledged money to rebuild Gaza, but Hamas is more interested in reloading for another war with Israel. The people of Gaza suffer because of the devastation; and yet, Hamas and the people are more determined to find a way to hurt Israel, than they are to rebuild their lives.

Muslim leaders use their forum at the UN to cry and whine about how mean Israel is. The problem with this picture is, that the Muslims started the hostilities against Israel in the first place. Other nations of the UN are suckered by the lies, pressure and false posturing. The Islamists work tirelessly to divide Jerusalem and Israel, and nations all across the world buy into this futility.

Because the United Nations has been overrun by Islam and because the UN has become very hostile towards the United States in other ways as well, we should resign from any association whatsoever with it. We should dismantle the UN buildings in New York City, place the materials on barges and send it all out to sea for anyone foolish enough to take it unto themselves. The United Nations is useless to America and has become a serious liability, devoid of any value at all.

Why do the heathen rage and the people imagine a vain thing? The kings of the earth set themselves, and the rulers take counsel together against YaHVeH and against His anointed saying, “Let us break their bands asunder and cast away their cords from us.” He that sits in the heavens shall laugh. The Lord shall laugh them to scorn.


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Jerusalem Trampled By Gentiles Until Time Fulfilled

gate-of-damascus-676492_640DAMASCAS GATE IN JERUSALEM

Jesus Jew, the most famous of all Jews said this in Luke 21:24, “And Jerusalem shall be trodden down of the Gentiles, until the times of the Gentiles be fulfilled.”

Legend has it, that Mohammed rode his white steed over 700 miles in one night to Jerusalem and entered the temple and prayed. Allegedly he ascended to heaven from the rock that is presently covered by the Dome of the Rock and then descended and returned to Mecca all in one night. This is an absurdity, because there was no temple to visit during that time. The temple had been destroyed by the Romans. The Al Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock structures had not yet been built. These are fictions originated by Muslim leaders, and obviously the whole thing is a deception perpetrated upon the adherents to Islam. Deceit is the cornerstone of Islam.

It is very sad and provocative to watch the infidels throwing rocks and firebombs in the ancient part of Jerusalem on the evening news. It is astonishing, that Israel allows the Jordanian WAKF to administer the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, Israel after Israel conquered the area in 1967. Apparently the times of the Gentiles have not yet been fulfilled as stated in the verse above. Almighty YaHVeH has His own personal timeline and no one will deviate from it. Allah can only do what YaHVeH allows him to do, because Allah is not God. At best, Allah is a fallen angel, and he too submits to the wishes of Almighty YaHVeH. When the times of the Gentiles are fulfilled, there will be an end to Muslim chaos on Mount Moriah. When the time is right, YaHVeH will bring a screeching halt to these ludicrous activities.

Just as the seemingly impossible prophecies of the rebirth of Israel were accomplished in 1948; so too, there will be a new Jewish Temple built. There will be a false messiah who will sit in “YaHVeH’s temple” claiming to be God. (Second Thessalonians 2:4) This anti-Christ/false Christ could very possibly be a Muslim. After the Almighty destroys the armies of the nations of the earth that come against Jerusalem, Yahshua Jesus Himself will appear to the Jews AND THEY WILL SEE HIM PERSONALLY. They will mourn for Him as stated in Zechariah 12:10. They will see that He has been their Messiah all along as described in Zechariah 13:6.

As you watch the evening news, know this. One and a half billion Muslims in the world are not enough to stop the Almighty’s plans. The so-called Palestinians will never succeed in annihilating Israel. Iran, Turkey, Syria, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Iraq, Libya, Ethiopia, Algeria, Hamas, Hezbollah and all the rest are playing a fool’s game, for they are not able to stop the plans of YaHVeH. One day Israel will humble themselves before Yahshua Jesus and there will be grace for them from YaHVeH. (Zechariah 12:10 and 13:1) Though there be 12 intifadas and 100 wars, yet will the sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob prevail.


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Palestinians Deserve The Damage

images (4)Palestinians reaped what they sowed in 2014. Bloodthirsty war-loving Palestinians stubbornly continued to fire rockets into Israel. The governing Hamas refused to restrain the depraved Israel-hating militants who were attacking Israel again and again; therefore, Hamas is directly responsible for the death and destruction that followed.

Did you hear what I said? Hamas is 100% to blame for the destruction of Gaza, NOT Israel. Fact #1 : In 2005 Israel withdrew from Gaza and handed it over to the Palestinian leadership. One would think, that normal people would be grateful for such an incredibly generous gift, but not the Palestinians. Fact #2 : Since 2005, Gaza has been increasingly used as a launching-pad for violent attacks against Israel. I am not saying that all Palestinians are bad people. There are those who desire peace; however, this does not change the fact, that the Gazan Palestinians refuse to live in peace alongside Israel.

images (6)

Israel traded land for peace, but instead of receiving peace, they were rewarded with more violence. Hamas purposefully placed military installations among women, children, the UN, schools, hospitals, etc. in an effort to keep Israel from destroying them. They figured that if Israel did attack these active military installations, then the Palestinians could accuse Israel of killing innocent civilians. The Palestinians’ evil plot was obviously  hatched in hell.

I would have done the same thing Israel did. If someone would launch an attack against me and my loved ones, I would seek to destroy the source of the gunfire. I would not consider it to be my responsibility to hold fire to prevent collateral damage. I would consider it to be my responsibility to stop the gunfire from killing my loved ones. Furthermore, I would not knowingly put my wife and children in danger the way the Palestinians did. I love my family more than that. The Palestinians do not love their families the way that Americans and Israelis love their families.

The Palestinians plan was to kill as many Israelis as possible; but instead, they brought about the destruction of much of Gaza. They reaped what they sowed. They deserved the devastation that they received. It is difficult to feel sorry for their plight in light of the facts. Hatred and bitterness are harsh taskmasters. For as long as the Palestinians sow hatred, bitterness, conflict, violence and war,  that is how long they will reap death and destruction.

This should serve as a lesson to the world, that the Palestinians are a hard-headed, stubborn, get-my-way-at-any-cost people, that love war and mayhem. Sadly, the world will not learn its lesson. The world will go right ahead pressuring Israel to give up more land for peace to a people who prefer strife and conflict. The world will throw a few more billion dollars to the wind as the blind lead the blind down a path to nowhere. What a hellish satanic phenomena this is! Galatians 6:7, “Be not deceived, God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man sows, that shall he also reap.”

images (5)


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Kick Him in the Shin and Cry Wolf

images (6)You know what? You almost have to salute Hamas for its stubborn rebellious determination to accomplish its viciously evil goals at all costs. Is it really okay to salute the wicked? Of course it is not okay; however, Hamas understands the pathetic inability of the peoples of this earth to respond justly to Hamas’ pernicious schemes and plays them for suckers. Hamas desires and entices Israel to shoot at them, as they hide behind the skirts of their women and the United Nations Organization. The world is so utterly foolish, that they are faked into believing that Israel is the culprit. Apparently the world thinks it is okay for Hamas to shoot at Israel from behind women and the UN, and that Israel should allow Hamas to shoot at them as long as it is from behind women and the UN. President Obama has continued using drones to attack terrorists in spite of collateral damage and in spite of how much Pakistan complains about the deaths of their civilians in these drone attacks. I am fascinated with how entirely gullible humans are. Israel has restrained itself for months on end, while Hamas shot rockets by the scores randomly into Israel. Everybody knows that it is a stupid idea to walk up to the strongest boy on the playground and kick him in the shins. Such an act invites the strong boy to crush the not so smart shin kicker. Most of the kids on the playground are smarter than to do this, but not Hamas. Hamas has no shame. With yellow stripe painted down the back of Hamas, they dare the world to side with Israel as they whine and whimper after being crushed. And don’t say to me, “I feel so sorry for the people of Gaza”. The people of Gaza voted Hamas into power. Hamas is in power, because the people of Gaza chose them to be in power. I am not duped by them in the least. The people of Gaza are responsible for their women and children. If you were in Israel’s shoes having your own family attacked by someone who simply hated you because they want to hate you, then you would do to Hamas and Gaza what Israel has done, only you would not have waited so long to do it and you would have crushed them without explanation. If your answer is, “No I would not.”, then you really do not love your family. If Hamas were real men, they would do everything in their power to protect their women and children, but apparently they are not real men. I love my wife and children far more than to hide behind them and shoot at my enemy; quite to the contrary, I want my wife and children to hide behind me while I protect them. I love my wife and children far more, than to plan for them to bleed to death in this fashion. Let us be clear here. Hamas is so bankrupt on morality, that they obviously do not love their women and children. If the people of Gaza could actually destroy Israel, they would not turn it into a glorious place. They would most likely let it grow up in weeds. The people of Gaza HATE the nation of Israel and the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I will repeat: the people of Gaza HATE Israel. If a person sets their heart and soul on a death wish; there is nothing anyone can do to save them. If a person wishes to cut off their nose to spite their face, should we pass a law that you cannot cut off your nose to spite your face? You can rescue Hamas time and again, but you cannot stop Hamas from putting their women and children at risk without fighting them to unconditional surrender. Hamas is stubbornly determined to have it no other way. Hamas lives and breathes to destroy Israel. It is written in their charter. Their life revolves around killing and destruction. They spend their days building weapons of offense and figuratively speaking foaming at the mouth with hatred for Israel. They are not worried about defensive weapons, because they know Israel desires to live in peace. Did you get that? They HATE Israel. They are JEALOUS of Israel. Apparently their god Allah drives them to kill and maim Hebrews. Apparently their god Allah is more interested in destroying Israel, than he is in their well-being. If the people of Gaza spent half as much time working on building a decent civilization as they do on trying to destroy Israel, it would be a nice place to live. Have you noticed how frustrated Hamas is at their inability to destroy Israel? Hamas succeeded in stashing thousands of missiles for the destruction of Israel. But YaHVeH is always three steps ahead of Allah. While Hamas gleefully conspired a new war with Israel with new weaponry (thousands of missiles), YaHVeH leisurely inspired the people of Israel with the new Iron Dome defensive weapon. It is a sensational defensive weapon, that tracks many missiles’ trajectory at one time. Iron Dome does not even bother to shoot at missiles it determines are on a harmless path. It only intercepts missiles that are determined to be a threat to Israelis. It is apparently 90% successful. When such a defensive weapon did not exist anywhere in the world, how is it that the tiny nation of Israel was able to develop it just in time to counter Hamas and Hezbollah missiles? The simple answer is this: YaHVeH God of Israel always has an adequate solution for Israel and for His people. Oh yes, you can be sure, that Hamas is frustrated out of their minds at their inability to destroy Israel. How can Israel survive for thousands of years, in spite of countless attacks and hatred projected in its direction? YaHVeH!

Let me try to wrap this up. YaHVeH the God of Israel chose the people of Israel to bring His Word to the world. He chose Israel to bring Yahshua Messiah to the world. The world cannot help itself. It is intrigued with the land of Israel, because the Creator of the world chose it for His own special people Israel. It is the very center of the face of the earth. It ties three continents together. None of this is by accident. Jerusalem is the Holy City, because YaHVeH God chose for it to be. Allegedly Mecca is the holy city for Muslims, but they don’t want Israel to have their Holy City Jerusalem. Their is a war raging in the heavenlies. There exists no better explanation for the endless conflict in the Middle-East. Almighty God YaHVeH has allowed Satan a long period of time to try and deceive the generations into rebellion against Him, but YaHVeH reserves the right to deliver all who will trust in Yahshua Messiah. YaHVeH also reserves the right to bring an end on His own terms. As surely as I live and breathe, YaHVeH will bring an end to the world as we know it on His own terms. The people of Gaza will never conquer and destroy all of Israel. The sons of Ishmael will never completely conquer and destroy all the people of Israel. The rulers of this world will never rid itself completely of the people of Israel. Israel has always risen from the ashes and gone right on living and prospering. Hear this plainly: Israel will always survive whatever scheme Allah brings against it! It is not in the power of Allah to destroy Israel. YaHVeH God of Israel will never allow it, because He alone is sovereign and all the other so-called gods pale in comparison to Him. Yahshua Son of YaHVeH is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and His children will continue from generation to generation blessed be His name.download (1)

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Hamas Cowards

images (5)The battle continues to rage in Israel and Gaza. I have a new synonym for Hamas: cowards! They fight their battles from behind the skirts of women and children. These are not warriors, because warriors do not seek the death of their own civilians in order to gain sympathy from the world. I don’t think I have ever seen a more blatant demonstration of cowardice. It is maliciously and insidiously evil. So this is the face of Islam? Listen up ye people; whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear should call for the destruction of Hamas. Human decency demands it. The worst sort of human behavior is being demonstrated right before our eyes. Hamas is visiting genocidal suicide by proxy upon its own people.

I think it is equally appalling, that Obama, Kerry, Ban Ki-Moon and others do not have the balls to give Israel the green light  in its efforts to rid itself of this militant cancer. What kind of men are these anyway? Are they so naive, that they don’t understand, that Hamas is playing them for fools with the “kill civilians from behind civilians” scheme? Obama, Kerry and Ban Ki-Moon’s pathetic strategy is to call for a ceasefire? They should stay out of Israel’s way and let them take care of business! If this is the face of world leadership, then the world is doomed. Any number of people off the street could do a better job. Is this the kind of wisdom Harvard, Yale, Princeton and others are turning out these days? I am completely appalled by the lack of insight possessed by world leaders, but I am not surprised. It is obvious that these men will never be able to lead the world to a good place.

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