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Palestinians & Abbas: Contrary

InkedAbbas 1_LIYou can count on Abbas and the Palestinians to say: NO! It is perhaps their favorite word. The Trump peace plan apparently involves a 50 billion dollar investment into the Palestinian economy.

This time, even before the peace plan is revealed, the Palestinians and Abbas said: NO! Their history of NO’s is so extensive, that one wonders why the world even tries anymore to plan peace with them.

Therefore, the time has come for the United States to summarily dismiss the Palestinians. The Palestinians have ABSOLUTELY PROVEN, that they are contrarians in the worst sense of the word, and peace is far from their hearts and minds.

Therefore, the United States should officially recognize, that all the so-called West Bank and East Jerusalem are a part of Israel proper.

Israel should annex 100% of the so-called West Bank and officially reject any Right-Of-Return, for the Palestinians would use the Right-Of-Return to harm Israel, of that you can be sure.

Israel should pass whatever laws necessary to protect Israel as a Jewish State forever, without any regard for accusations of apartheid. No nation should ever allow their constitution or judiciary to be used as a weapon to undermine or destroy their nation.

Israel should remain as a place that is safe for all the sons and daughters of Jacob. Outsiders should have reasonable protections in the State of Israel, but never in any way to the harm of the descendants of Jacob. The Land of Israel IS the sole possession of the Children of Israel.

The Palestinians have made it clear, that they are the enemy of Israel. Wake up everyone; this will never change.


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Israel Regained Jerusalem And West Bank Via Muslim Initated Hostilities

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Will the United States return Texas to Mexico? Will Pakistan return the country to India? Will Great Britain return Northern Ireland to Ireland? Will France give up Burgundy? Will Russia leave Crimea? Will Islamic countries surrender their lands to previous owners? The obvious answer to all of these questions is no. Whether by war or by intrigue, the above-mentioned lands came into the possession of modern-day governments. They were once disputed territories.

Arab/Muslim nations have attacked and/or threatened Israel on more than one occasion. As a result, the Arab/Muslims lost control of West Jerusalem, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Judaea, Sumaria, and the Jordan Valley.

Islamic Nations gained control of their lands by conquest, just like Israel gained control of the land of Israel from Arab/Muslims. Muhammad conquered the Arabian Peninsula, seizing the land from its owners. The spread of Islam was largely through armed conflict. It is extremely disingenuous for Muslims to claim any part of Israel as their own.

Not only did YaHVeH give the land to the sons of Jacob, but Israel successfully defended the land in 1948. Israel also conquered the West Bank, East Jerusalem, the Golan Heights, Gaza, and Sinai in 1967 after the hostile actions of the Arab/Muslim nations became intolerable. In 1973, Israel was attacked again by Arab/Muslims and Israel successfully defended their land.

War is the final word in conflict, when diplomacy and words fail to settle the matter. A nation must be able to defend its own property, if it wants to keep it. This is the case down through history. If Arabs/Muslims do not wish to lose more territory, then they should stop attacking Israel. Israel is not trying to expand its borders beyond the land they conquered. They just want to be left alone. YaHVeH is far stronger than Allah and not someone to be messed with.


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