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The Kingdom of God

Image result for kingdom of god imagesChrist said that we should pray this way, “Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven.” Those of us who claim to be Christians must adjust our goals and our thinking to align with the “Kingdom of God”.

Do you expend a reasonable amount of your personal resources to build the Kingdom of God? or are you more intent upon building your own kingdom? Are you building upon the Rock of Ages or are you building on sinking sand? Are you into the latest fad and fashion or are you even more into what brings glory to the Almighty? Are you more democrat or republican, than you are for the Kingdom of God? Are you more American, Filipino, Canadian, Nigerian, British, Norwegian, Australian, South African, Columbian, Egyptian, Russian, Chinese, etc. than you are for the Kingdom of God?

Do you support your favorite college football or soccer team more than the Kingdom of God? Is your favorite singer or actor more important to you than the Kingdom of God? Does your WHOLE heart belong to the Creator or do you share it with another lover?

Is feeding the hungry important to you? Is visiting the sick important to you. Is visiting those imprisoned on your list of do? What about clothing the naked or taking in strangers? Does hurting needy people matter to you? This is of eternal importance.

It is perfectly alright to enjoy many things in life; however, we may not love these things more than YaHVeH our God. He gave His all for us, and we owe Him our all. Are you a Kingdom of God person? or not? Think carefully and long before you give a flippant half-hearted answer.

Christ said that if we do not love Him above all, then we are not worthy of Him. Check your heart. Your soul is at stake. Let us make a habit of checking our heart from time to time, to make sure we have not compromised it unfaithfully against Christ and His kingdom.


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America At Crossroads Of Disaster


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America rocked the world  July 4, 1776 by declaring itself free and independent from Great Britain. After defeating the British Empire in two separate wars and then soundly defeating the Spanish Empire in 1898, America was on its way to creating its own empire. Having played the key role to victory in World War I and World War II, America stood alone at the top of the heap of nations.


The uncommonly great foundation upon which America was built was not its military prowess.The wellspring of knowledge from whence America drew its astonishingly great inventions and innovations was not from itself. The mind-boggling robust economy of the USA, that has been the envy of the whole world, does not come from American genius. The incredible opportunity in the United States to become prosperous and even wealthy is not a result of superiority. ALL THESE ARE A DIRECT RESULT OF BLESSING FROM ALMIGHTY GOD, WHO HONORED US BECAUSE WE HONORED HIM IN THE PAST.

A great nation like the United States cannot be  conquered from without. The foundations must first be compromised from within or else any conqueror will fail. Well that is exactly what happened. Satan set his sights on the Supreme Court of the United States. To unravel righteousness, one must strike at the heart of morality. The things that honor Almighty God must be compromised as subtly as possible and the Supreme Court has done just that. It has cloaked its very unGodly decisions in shrewd pretty secular half-logical rhetoric to deceive the masses.

Two generations hence, the damage is manifested in the American people themselves. We have forgotten the God of our forefathers; and thus, we have stripped away the things that made us great to begin with. The great grandparents of Americans would be dismayed, if they new their great grandchildren. Of course I am speaking generally, but great grandchildren do not love the God of their great grandparents. They are rebellious and callous. They are not God-fearing. Their disrespect of heavenly things is horrifying and they do not know the God of their fathers. Again, there are exceptions, but few and far between.

Now we are less than three weeks away from electing the next American president. The Republican Party candidate leaves much to be desired. Trump does not have control of his tongue, his moral past is disreputable, and several things about him are questionable, but he does not hold Christ, the Church, & Christianity in disdain. I neither advocate voting for or against this man.

The Democrat Party candidate does seem to have somewhat control of her tongue and she comes across as your typical well informed politician; however, Hillary Clinton hates the Church, Christianity, traditional America and Holy Bible morality. She advocates for unholy things. She is a huge promoter of homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality, transgender, Islam, killing innocent unborn human babies, socialism, liberalism, progressivism, anti-capitalism, extreme feminism and more. I advocate strongly against electing this woman for president. Whatever you do, please do not vote for this very unGodly unAmerican woman, if you truly claim to be a Christian. The secular world will vote for whomever they choose with no consideration of Almighty God; however, the Christian is duty-bound to guard over family, country, church, and leadership. We are NOT exempted from acting responsibly politically as a Christian and we will give an account to Almighty God about it in eternity.

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The bloodthirsty Islamic kill machine has deathified another 49 Americans, whilst Democrats continue to support the infiltration schemes of Islamic Obama. Meanwhile back at the hacienda, Republican cowards whine loudly as they flounder about, just trying to find a backbone. All this is courtesy of Islam.

Jeh Johnson, the Secretary of the Department of Homeland Insecurity made an astounding statement, that manifests the folly of the Obama administration.  He said that right-wing extremists pose as big a threat the United States as Islamic radicals. Jeh Johnson is reportedly a Muslim and/or Muslim sympathizer. Obama and the Democrats have put this friend of our enemies squarely in charge of our security. Now there is some real wisdom don’t you think? hmmmm  But let us return to this idea of right-wing extremist.

What is a right-wing extremist? You first need to know what “right-wing” means. The right wing in the USA has to do with being conservative, hard-working, God-fearing, patriotic, traditional. Extreme means “very, furthermost, maximum, exceptional, extraordinary”. So then a right-wing extremist would be a maximum conservative person, a very hard-working person, a extraordinarily God-fearing person, an exceptionally patriotic person, a furthermost traditional person.

You know what? A right-wing extremist could be defined as:   a genuinely wholeheartedly dedicated-to-Christ Evangelical Christian. That is me or at least I hope it is me. I want the world to know, that I am a right-wing extremist. I am proud to be a right-wing extremist. According to Jeh Johnson, I am as big a threat to the USA as a Islamic radicals. What a ridiculously asinine statement that reeks to the highest heaven! It is my type of person that through Christ made America great in the first place. Jeh Johnson is a poor deluded unfortunate soul.

Christ said, “He that loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me, and he that loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me, and he that does not take his cross and follow after Me is not worthy of Me. He that finds his life shall lose it, and he that loses his life for My sake shall find it.” (Matthew 10:37-39) Did you notice how extreme and radical this saying of Christ is?

To not be extreme or radical about something, quite frankly, means that you are not very serious about that something. You are half-hearted. Christ made it very very very very very clear, that if you are not all the way for Him, then you are not worthy of Him. I am a radical Christian. I am all in. This means that I strive to love my enemies, I rejoice in truth, I resist Satan and evil, I stand for whatever is Godly, I do not kill anyone for the cause of Christ, I will defend to the death those innocent souls, I will stand against abortion-on-demand, I will stand against homosexuality, I will stand against the destruction of the traditional family and marriage, I will seek to save the souls of some, I will protect and defend the ones I love from all enemies foreign and domestic, I will try to save my country from becoming a godless hellhole.

The people that settled this country and made it great were just such people as these. Why would any of us apologize for being a right-wing fanatic? The progressives, atheists, Democrat Party, etc. are the ones who are over the top and don’t forget that. They have come to hate Christ and Christianity and will use the power of government to persecute us.

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Modern Democrat Party, Christianity and Benedict Arnold


The Democrat Party is hostile to Christianity and it is one of the most unGodly and worldly institutions in America. It is busy putting the finishing touches on the destruction of Christian America. The Democrat Party IS Benedict Arnold.

People like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been removing brick after brick from our Christian foundations for decades. They call it progress and thus the term “progressive”. It amounts to a premeditated and calculated conspiracy to demolish our righteous Christian nation; hatched in the very bowels of hell. Satan himself is the chief conspirator and progressives are his servants in the overthrow of the United States. (Isaiah 14:6)

Progressives have been quite successful in hacking their way through the mighty bulwark that supports the once great USA. They have taken a machete to marriage, the family, Biblical capitalism, public Christian prayer in the name of Jesus, guaranteed protections of life and liberty, the public display of things Christian, femininity, chivalry and many other Christian moorings. In essence, they hate traditional America and want to remake it into their own image and likeness.

The Democrat Party has become the preferred vehicle for this antiChrist spirit. I am specifically warning all people, who are in the Democrat Party and call themselves Christian, to remove themselves from this evil unGodly entity while yet you may. If you refuse to disassociate yourself from this antiChristian organization, you can prepare yourself to witness the contamination and defiling of the ones you love. The Democrat Party is unclean and void of wisdom and it carries a communicable disease that saturates the mind with infectious terminus. It is so spiritually blinded, that it calls good evil and it calls evil good. It is willingly deluded in order to feel good about what could otherwise never be felt good about.

Wake up Christians! The peace and safety we have enjoyed for so long in the USA is being pirated by spiritually blind people, who speak beautiful flattering words while harboring evil designs in their hearts. Not many years hence, these infected people will seek to kill all Christians and they will think they are doing Almighty God a service in doing so. My Christian brothers and sisters, these people are enemies and they are enemies of these United States.

II Corinthians 6:17, “Wherefore come out from among them and be separate says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you.”

What these traitors are doing is very much like what Benedict Arnold did, and when they get their way, the United States will be relegated to a second-class nation. Only a few more years and it will be done.



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The Democrat Party Is Filthy

This post is intended to strongly encourage Christians to stay clean before the Almighty. If you can handle strong spiritual meat and are off the milk, then read on.

If you profess to be a Christian, then it is your duty to disassociate yourself from filth. Filth will get on you. Have you ever taken a shower and put on a clean change of garments and then found yourself cleaning something that was dirty? I have. You know what? My clean change of clothing became defiled with dirt and filth, as well as myself. I needed to clean up again.

II Corinthians 6:17, “Wherefore depart out from among unbelievers and be separate says the Lord, and don’t attach yourself to impure things, and I will receive you.”

Notice the condition in the above verse: If you will separate from unbelievers and not attach to impure things, THEN I will receive you. The Almighty does not take pleasure in Christians joining themselves to worldly people or the world; in fact, He says escape from these. It is implied, that if we do not do this, then He will not receive us.

The Democrat Party in the United States has lost its way and now belongs to Lucifer. Because the Democrat Platform supports homosexuality, homosexual marriage, abortion-on-demand, slothfulness by taking from the working and giving to the lazy, and such things, the Democrat Party has become defiled. It is a party of filth. They still give lip-service to the Almighty, but that is all it is. Whoever is attached to this filth will most likely get nasty smudges on themselves as a result; and even more scary than that, your children and grandchildren will likely be contaminated. If you are a Christian from another country, do you politically support God-fearing candidates that do justly in your country, or are you associated with or attached to an unGodly bunch? Our loyalty must be to Almighty God.

Galatians 5:9, “A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump.”

In other words, if you put just a little yeast into a lump of dough, it will affect the whole lump and cause it to rise. If you associate with the unclean in this world, in time you too will become contaminated; unless, you divide yourself from it.

This is not saying, that we can never be around sinners. Of course it is our duty to help them find the way of eternal life. The Holy Bible also says, that we are in the world, but we are not of the world. We are in the world and we are around worldly people whether we like it or not; however, we must not let their dirt rub off on us. We were once dirty like they are and Christ rescued us and made us clean. They too can be cleansed by the blood of Christ the same way we were, and I hope they will turn to  Yahshua Jesus the Son of God and receive eternal life. In the mean time, we must keep our new white garments clean.

I am sure some will take offense at this post; however, it is not me you are taking offense at. It is the Word of Almighty God that offends you. Read it for yourself. The Almighty HATES sin. All of us were sinners at one time. It is this sin, that caused the crucifixion of our Lord Yahshua Jesus. If you treat Christ’s great sacrifice lightly, you can be sure that Almighty God will also treat you lightly. If you confess your sins to Him and turn from them, then you will have His blessing and favor.

Christians do not have to vote Republican, BUT they must not vote with the filthy Democrat Party, because IT IS UNCLEAN and totally hostile to Christianity. Unless someone preaches the truth, then we are all doomed. Know Christ and live!


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Satan, The Democrat Party, Planned Parenthood, And Death

lesson17-00What do Satan, the Democrat Party and “Planned Parenthood” have in common? DEATH! Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion provider in the USA. The Democrat Party is on the same side as Planned Parenthood and supports a so-called right to abortion. Satan comes only to kill, steal and destroy. You see, these three have death in common. They either kill or support the killing of human life.

In the last several days, important medical officials from Planned Parenthood were apparently caught on video talking to potential buyers about how they protect parts of unborn human babies, while they perform abortions. This has caused an uproar in the U.S. congress and amongst Americans in general. Abortions are gruesome, violent and barbaric: but selling the dead baby? Sound like Nazi Germany of the 1940’s? This is completely over the top. Also recently, there is a debate among some, of whether the live birth of a baby from a botched abortion should be “protected human life”, or not. What kind of country are we living in?

What a sad state of affairs these United States of America have become. When the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that abortion was lawful in 1973, the guilty judges of that decision devalued human life then and there. Inevitably, this has brought about more and more acceptance of killing the unwanted. It is not enough for Planned Parenthood to kill unborn babies. Apparently they are now selling the bodies and/or the body parts of the unborn. This will not be the end of it all either. When death was enshrined in the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, it opened a pandora’s box of moral decline: namely, the negation of the right to life. The Constitution guarantees the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness and the Supreme Court negated the right to life. There will be hell to pay, and that day has already arrived. For those who repent of this evil, there is forgiveness and cleansing from Almighty God (I John 1:9). Eternal damnation awaits the unrepentant. Stay tuned and observe the ones who will defend the selling of aborted babies either verbally or by their silence.

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images (17)Christians have been taken for granted by the republican party for far too long, and it is time for an ultimatum and I will get to that in just a moment. The democrat party became a Godless party a long time ago, but for a long time the republican party continued to show some appreciation for Christian morality. The republican party has become polarized into two opposing camps. On the one hand you have the establishment republicans, who have been around a long time and are entrenched in positions of power. Unfortunately,  a large percentage of these establishment people have greatly compromised their duty to be God-fearing and just. On the other hand you have the ones, who rally around the banner of the “Tea Party”. They hold to the ideals of the Revolutionary War era patriots, who boarded a British ship and threw the load of tea into Boston harbor. It came to be known as the Boston Tea Party. These tea party people are not all Christian people, but they are very conservative and many many of them are God-fearing, morality-loving, having-a-Godly-sense-of-justice people. The establishment republicans are willing to compromise in order to stay in power. As they have seen the democrats win elections by selling their soul to Satan, these republicans have decided that dealing with the devil is not really all that bad, especially if it will result in election victories. This is where our nation stands politically my friends. If Christians will not take a stand for righteousness, then Christians have become a worthless mob of timid souls unworthy to be called by His name. Christ said it this way in the sermon on the mount: “You are the salt of the earth, but if the salt has lost its savor, wherewith shall it be salted? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out and to be trodden under foot of men.” If Christians do not salt the political process, then Christians are to be blamed for the political decline of the United States.

The time has come for Christians to band together in unity. Christians should choose strong capable advisers from among their own ranks and send them to the republican party leadership with this ultimatum: if you do not provide us with candidates that support moral behavior (i.e. pro-life, pro-family, pro-one man and one woman marriage, and anything else of moral significance), then we promise you that we will not vote for your candidates with our constitutionally guaranteed votes. We will neither be swayed by any more of your rhetoric, nor will we be appeased by continuing to throw us an occasional dry bone in order to get our vote. We prefer not to start a third party, but if that is all that is left to do, then you can know this: WE WILL START A THIRD PARTY! With our several million votes, we know that we can influence the outcome of elections.

Christians should then exert all of their influence and pressure available to insure that a decent Godly person is placed on the ballot. If the republicans fail to follow through with a God-fearing candidate, then Christians should make good on their ultimatum. When I say Christians, I mean all Christians. I mean black Christians and white Christians and Hispanic Christians and Oriental Christians and Indian Christians.  I mean female Christians and male Christians. Christians are supposed to be one and they are supposed to not support evil. There must be a core set of principles laid out, that all genuine Christians can rally around. I noticed that Mike Huckabee had the courage to basically say, that if the GOP will not continue the fight against gay marriage, then there is no place for him in the republican party. This is the kind of courage I am talking about. It is high time that Christians get off the sidelines and into the fray. It is true that politics will not save our nation; however, it is also true, that politics are a very important aspect of life that affect our families, churches and friends for good or for evil. Whatever nation you live in, let us get off our rear ends and involve ourselves in the process of choosing our rulers, for Satan is surely busy using politics to bring the worst sorts of evil into the lives of our wives, husbands and children. Have the audacity to kindly resist old political ties that do not support righteousness, because these people are busy undermining our great nation. Do not be silent! Election time is already here. Rock the nation with a resounding rebuke of ungodly candidates at the ballot box and support for God-fearing ones. Boldly proclaim that you are a Christian and that you will oppose all forms of evil, even evil in the political process. I can almost here democrat lovers saying that I am pushing the republican party. YOU ARE WRONG! If you will change that evil democrat platform to something, that genuine Christians can support, then I will gladly consider voting for democrat candidates. But until it is changed, I will not support them, because I am a Christian first and a democrat or republican second. My love for Christ will always be a more important priority, than any affiliation to a political party.

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