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Homosexuality More Evil Than Slavery

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Christ Himself spoke of greater sin. For proof of this read John 19:11. Clearly, not all sins are equal. What is my point? Even though Almighty God hates all sin, there are some sins that grieve Him significantly more.

Jude 1:7, “Even as Sodom and Gomorrah and the cities about them in like manner giving themselves over to fornication and going after strange flesh are set forth for an example, suffering the vengeance of eternal fire.”

Notice the phrase “giving themselves over to fornication”. The people of Sodom and Gomorrah crossed a line of no return. They defiantly and vehemently embraced the unnatural. They not only played with this evil, but they made it the central theme of their cities. They were forceful with it. They imposed it on others. They normalized it. They built their lives around homosexuality. (read Genesis chapter 19)

Genesis 13:13, “But the men of Sodom were wicked and sinners before YaHVeH exceedingly.”

Well, Almighty God wiped it off the face of the earth with fire and brimstone from heaven. He made an eternal example of them, but America is impudently and stubbornly following the example of Sodom and Gomorrah.

Nobody would want to be a slave including myself; however, in the Holy Bible we find the Almighty tolerating certain kinds of slavery. An enemy defeated in battle would sometimes be made slaves. Almighty God Himself gave Israel over to being taken captive after Israel stubbornly rebelled against Him. He made them serve their enemies for many many years. In the Holy Bible you will also find, that slaves were not to be treated just any ole way, because they too are humans created in the image of Almighty God.

I am not saying that America should still have slavery. I think it is wonderful and right and good that slaves were set free, but there are worse evils that we are tolerating. Slaughtering 59 million innocent unborn infants via abortion, allowing Islam to come into America to build its high-places to a foreign god, and pandering to homosexuals and transgenders is also evil, but the liberals are too blind to see it. They twist the words of the Holy Bible and preach that certain sins are righteousness. They preach, that Almighty God does not know what He is talking about. They ignore, that Almighty God destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah with fire and brimstone out of heaven, while they preach, that He is only love and not justice also.

My fellow Christians and my fellow Americans, mark the liberal man and the liberal woman, for they are destroying the security that our nation once enjoyed and they are opening us up to coming judgment. Get off your butts and let your voice be heard against this ominous threat. If you will remain silent, then consider yourself complicit in the destruction to come.

Arguing that the Constitution provides separation of Church and state, and provides homosexual rights, and gives women the right to choose to abort, and protects Islam, and such like, will not be accepted by Almighty God on the Judgment Day. The Almighty did not send Christ to die on the cross for nothing. Repent and turn away from sins while there is still time to do so.



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Friend Of Christians And Jews

You can hate him; you can love him. The fact remains; Donald Trump is a friend of Christians and Jews. Politically I am an independent, so Trump being a republican means nothing to me. Whether or not Trump turns out to be a great president remains to be seen.

A few things are obviously true about him. Donald Trump does love traditional Judeo-Christian America and so do I. What about you? Trump loves capitalism and so do I. He loves American entrepreneurship and so do I. He loves American ingenuity and so do I. Trump hates the world taking advantage of America and so do I. Trump hates wasting American tax dollars on all sorts of tomfoolery and so do I. He loves American innovation and so do I. He loves the U.S. military and so do I. He loves Israel and so do I. Donald Trump loves Jews and so do I. In other words, Trump is neither hostile to Christianity, nor Jews. Trump hates laziness and loves hard work, and so do I. Trump realizes the danger, that the Left poses to the well being of America, and so do I. Regardless of what you might say about Trump’s moral or immoral past; He loves Christians and so do I. Trump just loves America in general and it clearly shows. When you consider these things; you start realizing why the left hates him so much.

Donald Trump is bold and brash, but not always in a bad way. Liberals, progressives and Democrats hate him, because he has the audacity to look Americans in the eye and tell them, that the liberal progressive agenda stinks and is un-American. The Left fears him greatly, because he is not like the cowardly Republican establishment that they push around at will. Trump punches back viciously and it hurts.

When the American-hating liberal, progressive, democratic juggernaut escalated their war on Trump to a deafening crescendo, Trump hit them so hard with a gut-punch that they are still bent over in agony. His bold allegation of the former administration’s highly unethical misuse of government agencies in spying on his campaigne has thrown them into dismayed disarray. Everyone is still trying to find the smoking gun on that one; but the point is, they are still reeling from Trump’s counter-punch.

One good thing Trump has in his possession is his fearlessness in rolling up his sleeves to jump down in the murky swamp and fight a bruising street-fight with the slimy haters of America. I have great respect for that. When the left starts a fight and then emerges from said fight bloodied and bruised, then and only then do they start to back off.

Christian respect for Almighty God in the early history of the United States is what made it great in the first place. Important parts of the U.S. Constitution are rooted in traditional Judeo-Christian America. Almighty God knows, whether Donald Trump is a Christian or not. One thing is evident, Trump loves Christians and he loves Jewish Israel. He has lots of respect for traditional Judeo-Christian America and America is the better because of this.

Whether Trump is a Christian man or no, this Holy Bible verse still is always true, “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice. When the wicked bear rule, the people mourn.”

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I Love Dixie Dearly

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Dixie is basically synonymous with “the Bible belt”. Compared to other regions in the United States, Dixie is more God-fearing, loves the traditional family more, loves country more, loves the Bill of Rights more, and loves the Declaration of Independence more.

In general, these people have a greater sense of what is important, but I digress for a moment. There are many fine people like southerners all over this country and especially in the rural areas, and these people are Dixie-like at heart; however, as regions go, Dixieland outshines them all.

King George of Great Britain was determined to impose his ways on the colonies; and sadly, the heavily populated pockets in the United States are determined to impose their liberal, godless, regressive, pernicious ideology on Dixie and rural America.

Let me state for the record, I WILL NEVER SUBMIT TO ANTI-CHRIST DOGMA FOR ANY REASON WHATSOEVER. My great-great-great-great-great grandfather did not die in the Revolutionary War in order to flush traditional America down the toilet. He died with many other brave souls to deliver us from the tyranny of Great Britain.

There is a new form of tyranny that has risen in these United States, and it is contrary to what we hold dear in Dixie. We have repeatedly asked for a “Redress of Grievances” only to be slapped across the face with worse perversity than before. We desire to live in peace still and want to just be left alone. We want to live free from this oppression, but our patience is wearing thin.

A soft answer turns away wrath, but grievous words stir up anger.

by Mickey McConnell of eternalmattersofstate


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Bastardization Of The United States

In 1962 the Supreme Court of the United States outlawed prayer in the public schools. In 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States virtually legislated and signed into law the bogus right to kill an unborn human baby. In 2003 the Supreme Court of the USA essentially declared homosexuality a virtue.

You see, the national morality of the United States of America is determined by the U.S. Supreme Court. Since the court declared abortion legal, there has been approximately 57 million human babies killed through abortion. Since prayer was taken out of the public schools, America’s schools and America has been in steep decline morally. Since the court embraced homosexuality, it has become the new norm in America and traditional marriage and family have suffered tremendously.

Now one of the most God-fearing rulers in the United States, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died. The sinful crowd in the United States only has to replace this one man with a liberal/progressive/ungodly person and the conquest of America is almost complete.

The Supreme Court has been the target of Lucifer for decades and he has used it to outflank the congress and the presidency in undermining Christianity and traditional American values. The Supreme Court has been very clever in creating rights out of thin air and finding vague passages in the Constitution that allegedly support whatsoever their heart desires.

When the Supreme Court rules that the 2nd amendment does not cover private gun ownership, then our government will confiscate all the guns they possibly can.

When the Supreme Court rules that preaching from the Holy Bible is hate speech, then the government will move to silence preachers and the church. The government will move to stop parents from teaching their children the ways of Yahshua Jesus. The government will further encourage and empower children to rebel against their Christian parents.

When the Supreme Court rules, that Sharia Law can be practiced openly, then Muslims will forcefully move to impose Islam on America.

When the Supreme Court integrates American law with the United Nations, then America will have lost its individuality as a nation and the protections afforded by the Constitution.

When the Supreme Court finishes undermining all the Constitution once stood for, then the once great American deterrent to evil in the world will be gone and Lucifer will rejoice.

We are one good man away from all hell breaking loose upon these United States of America. May Almighty God have mercy on us all. No matter how bad it gets, Almighty God will protect the souls of all who trust in Him through Yahshua Jesus.


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Dixie Exceptionalism

download (11)Dixie is special. Dixie is unusual. There is a mind-set in Dixie that bothers much of the country. The South tends to be somewhat God-fearing. The South believes in guarding its rights under Almighty God, and this is reflected in Obama’s statement, “They cling to their guns and religion.” I make no apologies for the South, for it is the land I love so dearly. It is where I was born and have lived most of my life. What image can I use to most effectively make you think of the South? Well they have tried to take away the Confederate flag. It is the best image I can think of; and for me, it simply represents my home and way of life. I have chosen this image instead at Stone Mountain Georgia.

The South has a reputation of being full of rednecks; but just what is a redneck?The term redneck has evolved greatly. Many years ago my farmer grandfather wore a long-sleeved shirt to work in. It protected his white skin from the all-day hot sun. Of course, his neck was still exposed to the sun and it would get sunburned and then turn dark tan. If he took his shirt off, most of his skin was very white except on his neck, face and hands. He was a redneck. What is wrong with this? Nothing!

Redneck became a derogatory term. What is wrong with being a farmer from the South. As the descendant of a Southern farmer, I could make endless demands of the rest of the nation for this derogatory characterization, but wouldn’t that be a little silly? I am not ashamed to be the grandson of a true-to-life redneck.

As people moved to the cities and away from the farms, the term redneck did not go away. It seems that many city people look down on Southern country farmer type folk. Let’s be real here. The big urban progressives are hostile to not only Southern rural people, THEY ARE HOSTILE TO RURAL PEOPLE FROM THE NORTH AND FROM THE SOUTH, but I have news for you. The rural areas tend to be more God-fearing, than the big urban areas. Of course I am talking in generalities. There are God-fearing people everywhere you go; however, it is the large cities where you will find the most digressives. I have replaced the term progressives with the word digressives, because it is never progress to resist the ways of Almighty God.

Interestingly enough, the large Southern cities tend to be less digressive than the large Northern cities. Southerners tend to like their guns. The framers of the Constitution held to the same idea, that because governments tend to go rogue, they need a constant reminder of this privately held form of power. When governments succeed in removing weapons from the citizenry for whatever reason, it is then that tyrant-minded people realize they can control the masses with little fear of push-back.

The framers of the Constitution new about this rogue tyrannical power, because King George was such a tyrant. They wanted to protect America from tyrants. Obama is a tyrant-like person. He has run roughshod over the Constitution more than once, and you can believe he is weighing his options. The extremely important second amendment is a check and balance against such tyranny.images (20)

If a coupe d’ etat is ever attempted by Obama or any other ruler, then guns in the hands of the citizenry will make it quite difficult to complete any conquest. The U.S. citizenry has every right to resist tyrants and they have every right to keep and bear arms. Don’t believe any mumbo-jumbo, that it is not Christ-like to possess firearms. Christ Himself advocated self-defense. Luke 22:36

It is fascinating that the digressives seem to hate Southern rednecks. As a self-proclaimed Southern redneck, I am, generally speaking, a law-abiding citizen and I mostly just want to be left alone. I try to work hard enough to provide for the needs of me and my family and not be a burden to government. I try to get along with my neighbor and love my fellow man. I try to honor Almighty God. I am proud of being from the South. I am proud of my heritage. I am just as smart as any Ivy League sort and don’t mind saying so.

As far as Dixie is concerned, the people of Dixie/rural America have a better idea about what makes the world tick, than the breakers-away-from-Almighty-God. The digressives will bring about the demise of this nation if they are allowed to continue unchecked, because they are blind to the ways of life and genuine liberty. There is nothing exceptional whatsoever about progressivism. They do not realize, that if they really get their way, the sustaining grace of Almighty God will completely depart from the USA. When this happens, the digressives’ fake gods will run away as America collapses. Those digressive gods did not make America great, and they are only blood-sucking parasites that are unable to sustain anything.

I can tell you this: as a God-fearing man from rural America, I do not accept big liberal urban digressives ramming Godlessness down on rural America. I do not have to serve your gods of materialism, perversity, death, power-at-all-cost, laziness, truth-twisting and moral depravity. I will never bow my knees to your gods. You are the lawless ones forming laws out of thin air, that have no authority whatsoever. It is puny man’s attempt to supplant the Great Creator, whose very words are the foundation of any meaningful law.

I am still proud of Dixie and rural America. The Civil War has been over for 150 years. Every person reminding America of any bad that was connected to that era, needs to get over it! You are not helping anyone including yourself. 150 years is more than enough to bury the hatchet. LET IT GO!  The South and rural America is not inferior; quite to the contrary.  Urban America/Washington D.C. is rotten to the core, and trying to defile the rest of America.




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Defying Almighty God

Earth destroyed fervent heatJudges are forcing their will upon the people of the United States. Numerous states have passed laws that make marriage to be exclusively between one man and one woman. The U.S. Constitution says this in Article 10 of the Bill of Rights: “The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.” The U.S. Constitution does not delegate the power of marriage to the U.S. Government; therefore, the U.S. Government does not possess power over the States concerning marriage. Furthermore, the power of marriage is not prohibited by the U.S. Constitution to the states; therefore again, the power of marriage resides with the States. The U.S. Government through its federal judges is seizing power that does not belong to it. This is a coup d`etat by judges, and it is totally and completely illegal! Their actions are more egregious than those of King George III of Great Britain. King George III decided to force his will upon the Colonists without just cause, bringing about the Revolutionary War. The renegade judges of our Federal Judiciary are rebels in the worst sense of the word and they are engaging in open insurrection against the will of the people. Because they are violating their oath-of-office and abusing the power of their offices in overturning constitutional laws of individual states, these outlaw judges should be punished severely.  Officials of state only possess immunity during good behavior, and because their egregious acts are acts of bad behavior, they no longer have immunity. A grand jury by the people must be convened, and these criminal judges must be indicted, exposed in open court and removed from the office they hold in trust. In fact, they should be sentenced to prison for a long period of time, because they have broken the trust of their high office, and are worse criminals than your average citizen criminal. I salute the states of Kansas, South Carolina and Wyoming for standing firm against the judiciary’s rebellious coup. All the states who have had constitutional amendments against homosexual marriage should create a constitutional crisis by refusing to follow the unlawful rulings of these renegade judges. This is a good reason for states to secede from the union. This is a just and reasonable place to draw a line in the sand and refuse to budge. Homosexuality played the key role in the fire and brimstone destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah. It looks like we are no better than those wicked cities and are inviting a curse upon ourselves by condoning this perversion. It is a most foolish game they are playing in defying Almighty God and a detriment to the sovereignty of America.


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