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Hamas Vampires Seek Israel Blood

Related imageSatan speaks with forked tongue & Hamas speaks with forked tongue. Hamas purposefully pretended to drop its call for Israel’s destruction; while at the same time, continuing to call for liberating Palestine from Israel even violently.

What is the difference? Both statements mean the end of Israel as a nation, but the world swallowed the lie hook, line & sinker, because the world is so gullible and wimpish. The world wants peace at all costs, but sometimes the cost of peace is worse than continuing conflict.

If the Palestinians stopped hating Israel; they would no longer have a purpose for living. All their joy and fun would suddenly vanish away. When an Israeli dies, Palestinians are able to smile at life for another week. They are like vampires, that live from one bloodfeast to another.

When the World Trade Center Twin Towers in New York City were destroyed, Palestinians danced in the streets. They celebrated yet another bloodfeast. The reason? because the United States helps prevent the Islamists from overrunning Jerusalem and Israel. I am confident that there are a few good Palestinians; but as a tribe, they are not our friends.

The Palestinians continue to stalk Israel with their fangs protruding, longing to sink their vampire teeth into the neck of Israel. They want blood and they want it now: another suicide bomber blowing blood and sinew all over the street, another random stabbing, another victim killed in their bed, another rocket fired into the middle of Israeli civilians, another decapitation, another Israeli run over by a car. What vampires do is a case in study for what Palestinians do.

The next vampire movies should feature the blood lust of Palestinians, for they are two of a kind. They do not respect life. They love strife and disrupting tranquility. The way of peace they do not know. They send their children to schools, that spend their time teaching that Jews are like a dog with rabies. You would think that they would be ashamed of this, but they are not.

The fallen angel Allah delights in this vampirish blood lust. The United States, Europe and the rest of the world had better wake up. Islam speaks out of both sides of its mouth. It tells you what you want to hear with one side of their mouth, while preparing your subjugation and/or destruction with the other side.

President Trump, you had better watch the Palestinian leader Abbas like a hawk, because Abbas is a full-blooded Palestinian just like the ones I described above. He cannot be trusted in the least. He smiles and tickles your ears with words, while betraying you behind your back.

Proverbs 12:6, “The words of the wicked are to lie in wait for blood, but the mouth of the upright shall deliver them.”



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Yahshua Jesus IS The Jewish Passover Lamb

the_ten_commandments_john_derek_plaugesThe Jewish Passover instituted by Moses at the instructions of YaHVeH was and is all about Yahshua Jesus. The sons of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob were commanded to kill a perfect lamb. They were to take the blood of that lamb and smear it upon the posts and lintel of the door of every household of the Hebrews and then they were to eat the Passover lamb.

The applying of the blood not only delivered them in Egypt, but was also a symbol of a much greater event in time future. Provocative questions surface. Why a perfect spotless lamb? Why the blood of the lamb? Why a death angel passing over not only the Egyptians, but also the Hebrews? Why the death of all the firstborn?

The lamb-sacrifices represented the real sacrifice which was to come: the perfect Lamb of God (Yahshua Jesus), who would come to take away the sins of the world. The lamb had to be spotless, for it represented Yahshua Jesus, who was without sin and therefore eligible to atone for the sins of man. Life is in the blood and thus Christ gave His life to rescue us from sin and death through His imagesblood. When the Hebrews smeared the blood on the posts and lintel of the door, they were figuratively spreading the life of Christ on their doors for deliverance from the death angel. The death angel visited every home of both Hebrew and Egyptian. The firstborn of every household died in Egypt on Passover, except in the households where blood was smeared on the posts and lintel of the door. God gave His firstborn and only Son as a sacrificial Lamb in your place and in my place and whoever accepts this by faith will be delivered from eternal damnation.

It is astonishing, that Christ was crucified on Passover and apparently at the normal time for the traditional lamb sacrifice. The Jewish people and the Romans sacrificed Him on the cross. They did not realize, that they were offering the final and ultimate sacrifice for sins. Someone had to do it, because it was impossible that Almighty God’s plan of redemption would not be completed. The Hebrews were chosen by YaHVeH for this very purpose; to birth the Messiah and complete the plan of salvation. Jesus Jew, the King of the Jews, the Son of YaHVeH fulfilled all the Hebrew prophecies concerning Messiah in a most splendid fashion.

In Genesis 22:7-8 Abraham told his son Isaac that Almighty God would provide Himself a Lamb. YES INDEED! Because Abraham did not withhold his son from Almighty God; so also, Almighty God did not withhold His only begotten Son. HalleleuYaH what a Savior!who-killed-jesus-37-638

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Only Blood

ptg01762564Bloodshed is required to get to heaven! The Holy Bible says in Hebrews 9:22, “….Without shedding of blood is no remission.” This word remission means forgiveness, pardon, deliverance, freedom or liberty. Why is it that only bloodshed can bring pardon? First you need to understand, that all humans have the death sentence hanging over them. The Holy Bible declares, that the wages of sin is death and that all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of Almighty God. Every human being is born with the inclination to sin and all of us have sinned. Our loving heavenly Father’s justice demands capital punishment for sins. People have forgotten just how much YaHVeH hates sin. Sin is completely contrary to who He is. YaHVeH is a God of righteousness and judgment. He will judge us all on the judgment day, and if we were given what we deserve, we would be condemned to eternal damnation for our rebellious ways.

This is the reason the plan of salvation was conceived by the Almighty. For some incredible reason He was unwilling to let us go. He made a way that we might live forever and escape the torments of eternal damnation. Almighty YaHVeH offered up His only begotten Son as a perfect sacrifice for our sins. You see, someone had to die, because our sins demand the shedding of blood. Our sins demanded a death sentence, but only one perfectly sinless sacrifice existed. Christ Yahshua Jesus volunteered to take our place. When He shed His blood on the cross, the WAY was made for our rescue. YaHVeH only left one requirement for our rescue: that we would ENTRUST our lives to Christ.

What an incredibly grand bargain! I traded my dead life to Christ for His remitting my sins! Never was grander bargain struck than this my friend. It is win win for me and for you, if we make this bargain. Our lives were dead and doomed eternally without hope, until Christ bought us with His own blood. In fact the Holy Bible puts it this way in First Corinthians 6:19-20, “….you are not your own, for you are bought with a price….” Those who have come to Christ must not forget, that we have made a bargain with YaHVeH: His Son’s life for our life. We agreed to give up our lives in exchange for eternal life. My friend, your life no longer belongs to you. Read the above passage again. Are you a man or woman of your word, or are you a covenant-breaker? Your life no longer belongs to you! YaHVeH has kept His end of the bargain by sacrificing His Son in our place and we are duty bound to honor Him with our lives; evenso, we still retain the power of choice/decision of what we will do with our lives from now on. By the grace and help of Almighty YaHVeH; I intend to honor Him with my life and seek to please Him. The price of Yahshua Jesus’s blood was entirely too great for me to treat it carelessly.

During this Easter season give some thought to the fact, that you belong to Christ now and no longer to yourself. If you have not yet made this decision, I encourage you to enter into this grandest of all bargains too. The offer goes out to all peoples. It is extended to the Jews, to all Israelites, to all Arabs, to all Muslims, to all Americans, to all Asians, to all Africans, to all Australians, to all Europeans, to every nation and tongue, to every man, woman, boy and girl, to all the poor and to all the rich, to all the ugly and to all the pretty, to the intelligent and to the unintelligent, and to every single human being without preference: Almighty God loves us all. In the end you will be eternally happy that you did so.

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