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Obama Far Worse Than Benedict Arnold

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Obama And Biden Meet With National Security Leaders At The White House

Obama regularly gives aid and comfort to America’s enemies. If Obama had lived in 1780 and did half the things he is doing now, then he would be hung on the town square every day for a month.   The reason he gets away with it, is because millions of Americans have betrayed America. They have condoned his treason and are not worthy to be called Americans.

The list of Obama’s aid-and-comfort-to-the-enemy is so long, that you have to willingly ignore it to not be infuriated. If America continues to ignore Obama’s treason, then it might as well revisit Benedict Arnold’s legacy and change it to “Benedict Arnold: Patriot of the United States of America.” Obviously, treason is no longer a serious matter in the USA; therefore, Obama can violate his oath of office to “protect and defend” with impunity. A nation this careless will fail in the near future.




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Modern Democrat Party, Christianity and Benedict Arnold


The Democrat Party is hostile to Christianity and it is one of the most unGodly and worldly institutions in America. It is busy putting the finishing touches on the destruction of Christian America. The Democrat Party IS Benedict Arnold.

People like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been removing brick after brick from our Christian foundations for decades. They call it progress and thus the term “progressive”. It amounts to a premeditated and calculated conspiracy to demolish our righteous Christian nation; hatched in the very bowels of hell. Satan himself is the chief conspirator and progressives are his servants in the overthrow of the United States. (Isaiah 14:6)

Progressives have been quite successful in hacking their way through the mighty bulwark that supports the once great USA. They have taken a machete to marriage, the family, Biblical capitalism, public Christian prayer in the name of Jesus, guaranteed protections of life and liberty, the public display of things Christian, femininity, chivalry and many other Christian moorings. In essence, they hate traditional America and want to remake it into their own image and likeness.

The Democrat Party has become the preferred vehicle for this antiChrist spirit. I am specifically warning all people, who are in the Democrat Party and call themselves Christian, to remove themselves from this evil unGodly entity while yet you may. If you refuse to disassociate yourself from this antiChristian organization, you can prepare yourself to witness the contamination and defiling of the ones you love. The Democrat Party is unclean and void of wisdom and it carries a communicable disease that saturates the mind with infectious terminus. It is so spiritually blinded, that it calls good evil and it calls evil good. It is willingly deluded in order to feel good about what could otherwise never be felt good about.

Wake up Christians! The peace and safety we have enjoyed for so long in the USA is being pirated by spiritually blind people, who speak beautiful flattering words while harboring evil designs in their hearts. Not many years hence, these infected people will seek to kill all Christians and they will think they are doing Almighty God a service in doing so. My Christian brothers and sisters, these people are enemies and they are enemies of these United States.

II Corinthians 6:17, “Wherefore come out from among them and be separate says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you.”

What these traitors are doing is very much like what Benedict Arnold did, and when they get their way, the United States will be relegated to a second-class nation. Only a few more years and it will be done.



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