Obama Far Worse Than Benedict Arnold

File:Benedict Arnold.jpg

Obama And Biden Meet With National Security Leaders At The White House

Obama regularly gives aid and comfort to America’s enemies. If Obama had lived in 1780 and did half the things he is doing now, then he would be hung on the town square every day for a month.   The reason he gets away with it, is because millions of Americans have betrayed America. They have condoned his treason and are not worthy to be called Americans.

The list of Obama’s aid-and-comfort-to-the-enemy is so long, that you have to willingly ignore it to not be infuriated. If America continues to ignore Obama’s treason, then it might as well revisit Benedict Arnold’s legacy and change it to “Benedict Arnold: Patriot of the United States of America.” Obviously, treason is no longer a serious matter in the USA; therefore, Obama can violate his oath of office to “protect and defend” with impunity. A nation this careless will fail in the near future.




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3 responses to “Obama Far Worse Than Benedict Arnold

  1. Arnold was a super-Patriot for at least 8 years. http://benedictarnold.info/

  2. Joe

    The wanna be putin but he’s not as smart i seen him order lucifer with sword 1000 times in iran him and Putin mumbled he can’t speak Russia wants to be a black boy stalin this ain’t borrow money from every where and be worthless like stalin a retard ed and stupid one pay back 15 trillion and ill show you how to defeat a pussy military the world thinks it’s supposed to be a tougher man that can beat asai and russia if not the cartels can beat your 8 years of lets waiste 15 trillion of some body that isn’t a mistake 15 trillion I have them triple charging every wanna be stalin but ill make Asia real smart Russia to cry about if you can’t defeat all the armies God provided for a problem your going to loose triple pay listen to wanna be tattle tell because lips to big stay out of my pocket spudnick the armegedon army is not to be taken lightly we don’t bomb putin unless he killed you first then maybe a celebration of a communist revoultionist who told the whole world that doesn’t have my tech nology fling Stalin 2 weeks 100 thousand wizards and 2 weeks I decided unless ww3 against everything with nicer planes bombers and my bad ass German technology Chancellor 8 times beat Russia 8 countries want to kill my nice country pussied out on fighting the armies that will beat a black Russia in 1 week don’t blame putin on tape flying stalin 15 trillion from my armegedon army that you borrow banna land money for 3x crack smack somewhere you’re gonna wished you stayed away from cold war weapons i have russia beat without barrack caring stalin sword without asking who lived here longer than 400 years ago next time you touch a native child woman everyone except native America gets a surprise. Putin should have chancellored you complaining about beast not working . thought getto chicken feet on your chrimlin then elquestoed stalin.

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