Modern Democrat Party, Christianity and Benedict Arnold


The Democrat Party is hostile to Christianity and it is one of the most unGodly and worldly institutions in America. It is busy putting the finishing touches on the destruction of Christian America. The Democrat Party IS Benedict Arnold.

People like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have been removing brick after brick from our Christian foundations for decades. They call it progress and thus the term “progressive”. It amounts to a premeditated and calculated conspiracy to demolish our righteous Christian nation; hatched in the very bowels of hell. Satan himself is the chief conspirator and progressives are his servants in the overthrow of the United States. (Isaiah 14:6)

Progressives have been quite successful in hacking their way through the mighty bulwark that supports the once great USA. They have taken a machete to marriage, the family, Biblical capitalism, public Christian prayer in the name of Jesus, guaranteed protections of life and liberty, the public display of things Christian, femininity, chivalry and many other Christian moorings. In essence, they hate traditional America and want to remake it into their own image and likeness.

The Democrat Party has become the preferred vehicle for this antiChrist spirit. I am specifically warning all people, who are in the Democrat Party and call themselves Christian, to remove themselves from this evil unGodly entity while yet you may. If you refuse to disassociate yourself from this antiChristian organization, you can prepare yourself to witness the contamination and defiling of the ones you love. The Democrat Party is unclean and void of wisdom and it carries a communicable disease that saturates the mind with infectious terminus. It is so spiritually blinded, that it calls good evil and it calls evil good. It is willingly deluded in order to feel good about what could otherwise never be felt good about.

Wake up Christians! The peace and safety we have enjoyed for so long in the USA is being pirated by spiritually blind people, who speak beautiful flattering words while harboring evil designs in their hearts. Not many years hence, these infected people will seek to kill all Christians and they will think they are doing Almighty God a service in doing so. My Christian brothers and sisters, these people are enemies and they are enemies of these United States.

II Corinthians 6:17, “Wherefore come out from among them and be separate says the Lord, and touch not the unclean thing, and I will receive you.”

What these traitors are doing is very much like what Benedict Arnold did, and when they get their way, the United States will be relegated to a second-class nation. Only a few more years and it will be done.




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6 responses to “Modern Democrat Party, Christianity and Benedict Arnold

  1. I cannot think of a post so erroneous and wrong. Nothing said is true, so off the charts that it defies an intelligent answer or comment.

    • This post is RIGHT and you apparently are more of a Democrat, that you are a Christian. I never told anyone to join the Republican party sir. The Democrat Party completely belongs to Satan and Satan is trying very hard to own the Republican Party as well. It is fighting for its very soul. It is okay for Christians to not support the Republican Party, but it is completely WRONG for professing Christians to support the Democrat Party, because they ARE the enemies of Almighty God and righteousness. Sir, friendship with the world is enmity with Almighty God and whoever is the friend of the world has made themselves the enemy of Almighty God. Repent while there is time. If you refuse to remove yourself from this defiled worldly organization, you can prepare to watch some of your loved ones to be defiled, for that is the price of helping to corrupt a nation.

      • James Price

        Hillary Clinton has had a prayer team since she was in college. Many of the emails have been to convey her prayers to the group and to ask for special needs that she has. A recent article said that her & her husbands foundation has helped to enhance the lives of over 300 million people, worldwide. I have counseled with many people who have spent their lives in the big rigs, listening to hate radio. It sounds like you have been completely brainwashed. You have probably reached the point of no return. I am sorry. Inside you and down deep there is a good man or least there used to be.

      • What you are saying is very foolish. Based on your deep love for Hillary politically, you support abortion on demand, homosexual marriage, taking from hard workers and giving it to lazy people, banning Christian displays on public property, opening the gates of America to Islam. All these and more are very unChristian; and yet, you politically support and encourage this wicked agenda. It is completely shameful, but you still are not ashamed and are even proud in your support of the enemies of Almighty God. Hillary preaches tolerance while being hostile to Christianity. Hypocrisy is not becoming of anyone professing Christianity.

  2. Whoa! Whoa! Don’t shoot, I don’t even carry a gun.I feel like I have rode into an old west town and you are shooting at me just because you don’t like the horse that I rode in on.
    First let me say that my wife and I have taken in children and teenagers for 40 years. Our mission has been to enhance life, not to take it.
    But on to the main question; what to do with women who have an abortion? What to do with the men involved? The doctor and nurse?
    That’s why the supreme court doesn’t want to deal with this issue. There are no happy conclusions.
    You say based on my deep love for Hillary, that I support abortion on demand, even approve of gay marriage and like lazy people over hard workers. You assume a lot! You know what they say about assuming; that U make an ASS out of U and of me both.
    Please don’t put words in my mouth. I am quite capable of saying who I love and who I support.

    • But it is amazing how disconnected you are from logic my friend. I have taken a liking to you, but you do not seem to understand that being buddies with the enemies of Almighty God makes you an enemy of Almighty God. Please, I beg you to be objective about this. The Holy Spirit uses intense language in James 4:4, “You adulterers and adultresses, know you not that friendship with the world is enmity with God? Whosoever therefore will be a friend of the world is the enemy of God.” This does not mean you cannot help people in the world, but it clearly is saying, that the Almighty expects His people to separate from worldliness. He uses the word adulterers. If a professing Christian does not separate from worldliness, then they are committing spiritual adultery against Him. The Democrat Party and unrepentant abortionists are a worldliness that is off limits to professing Christians as close friends.

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