Christ Is Not Coming For All Professing Christians

Just because a person says they are a Christian does not mean they will go to heaven.

Matthew 7:22-23, “Many will say unto Me in that day, Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name and in Your name cast out devils and in Your name done many wonderful works? And then I will profess unto them, I never knew you: depart from Me you that work iniquity.”

There are many professing Christ, but they do not know Christ personally.

John 17:3, “And this is life eternal, that they might know You the only true God and Jesus Christ Whom You have sent.”

It is important for you to understand, that you must have an intimate relationship with Christ. Your relationship with Him must go far deeper than a casual acquaintance. Saying the sinner’s prayer is not enough by itself. I am in no way saying that you can earn your way to heaven, for Ephesians 2:8 makes it clear that we are not saved by works; however, if you have been born again from above, then you have had a heart change. When Christ comes into a heart, it is not the same after that. This heart-change causes a difference in the behavior of the new believer. The new believer starts to pursue the things of Almighty God instead of the things of the world.

As time passes and the new believer reads the Holy Bible and prays sincerely to Almighty God and spends time with other true believers, they develop an intimate relationship with the Creator. The more they seek the Almighty, the more He gives them additional light and understanding concerning Himself. The new believer comes to know Almighty God better and better.

Luke 6:46, “And why call Me Lord Lord and do not the things I say?”

This question by Christ is not vague. Whoever is a genuine Christian will seek to obey the words of Christ. If you are not serious about the things of Christ, then you will NOT go to heaven. I am warning you about this out of love. Works cannot save a man, woman, boy or girl; however, what you do is proof of who you are. If you are still living the old life you lived before you came to Christ, then you are NOT prepared for the coming of Christ. If your life is being transformed more and more into Christ-likeness, then you are on the road that leads to eternal life. The process may even be a slow process, but it must be a process that is transforming your life into that which is pleasing to Almighty God.



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