Bastardization Of The United States

In 1962 the Supreme Court of the United States outlawed prayer in the public schools. In 1973 the Supreme Court of the United States virtually legislated and signed into law the bogus right to kill an unborn human baby. In 2003 the Supreme Court of the USA essentially declared homosexuality a virtue.

You see, the national morality of the United States of America is determined by the U.S. Supreme Court. Since the court declared abortion legal, there has been approximately 57 million human babies killed through abortion. Since prayer was taken out of the public schools, America’s schools and America has been in steep decline morally. Since the court embraced homosexuality, it has become the new norm in America and traditional marriage and family have suffered tremendously.

Now one of the most God-fearing rulers in the United States, Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia has died. The sinful crowd in the United States only has to replace this one man with a liberal/progressive/ungodly person and the conquest of America is almost complete.

The Supreme Court has been the target of Lucifer for decades and he has used it to outflank the congress and the presidency in undermining Christianity and traditional American values. The Supreme Court has been very clever in creating rights out of thin air and finding vague passages in the Constitution that allegedly support whatsoever their heart desires.

When the Supreme Court rules that the 2nd amendment does not cover private gun ownership, then our government will confiscate all the guns they possibly can.

When the Supreme Court rules that preaching from the Holy Bible is hate speech, then the government will move to silence preachers and the church. The government will move to stop parents from teaching their children the ways of Yahshua Jesus. The government will further encourage and empower children to rebel against their Christian parents.

When the Supreme Court rules, that Sharia Law can be practiced openly, then Muslims will forcefully move to impose Islam on America.

When the Supreme Court integrates American law with the United Nations, then America will have lost its individuality as a nation and the protections afforded by the Constitution.

When the Supreme Court finishes undermining all the Constitution once stood for, then the once great American deterrent to evil in the world will be gone and Lucifer will rejoice.

We are one good man away from all hell breaking loose upon these United States of America. May Almighty God have mercy on us all. No matter how bad it gets, Almighty God will protect the souls of all who trust in Him through Yahshua Jesus.



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