Free stock photo of man, agriculture, farm, farmerPastor = Shepherd. If you want to know what a good pastor would do, then ask yourself what a good shepherd would do for his sheep, because a pastor IS a shepherd. A pastor might preach and he might not preach, because a shepherd is not necessarily a preacher. Preacher and pastor are two distinctly different ministries, despite the fact that some people are both a pastor and a preacher. Have you ever marveled at how very well some leaders handle the sheep but are poor speakers, or how well some leaders speak but are not very good at taking care of the flock? Think about it. In modern America we generally think of the pastor and the preacher as the same thing, but this is not really how the Almighty views it.

John chapter 10 shows us that a shepherd leads his flock in verses 3, 4, 5. In these same three verses plus verse 14, we notice that the pastor has an intimate relationship with the sheep. He calls them by their name and they know his voice. In verses 11, 12, 13 we can see that the shepherd is the protector of the sheep. He is always on the lookout for wolves and the like, who devour sheep. Psalms 23:1 shows us, that a shepherd makes sure that the needs of the sheep are met. Psalms 23:2 sees the shepherd resting, feeding, and calming the sheep. Psalms 23:5 shows the shepherd anointing the sheep. Psalms 23 in general indicates, that the sheep feel safe and secure with the shepherd. I Timothy 3:2 requires that a shepherd/bishop be capable of teaching. I Peter 5:2 teaches, that the pastor/shepherd is not to be in it for the money; and also, I Corinthians 9:7 informs us that a pastor/shepherd has a right to receive support from the flock for his work. A shepherd is constantly with his sheep. A sharp business suit has nothing to do with being a good pastor/shepherd. Quite frankly, a good pastor/shepherd should be more known by rolling up his sleeves and getting down on the grass where his sheep are. A shepherd is much more a blue collar worker than a white collar worker. Think about it!

Question: does your pastor/shepherd do these things for you? Does your pastor call you by your name and do you know his voice? Does your pastor/shepherd do a good job of leading and feeding you and your fellow sheep? Does your pastor/shepherd protect you and your brother/sister sheep? Is your pastor/shepherd good at calming you and the sheep? Does your pastor/shepherd anoint the sheep? Does your pastor/shepherd make you feel safe and secure? Does your pastor/shepherd do a decent job in teaching? Is your pastor/shepherd in it for the money? Does your pastor/shepherd take only a reasonable amount for himself and his family?

These are important questions. Many many pastors in the USA view themselves as CEO’s (chief-executive-officers) A biblical pastor/shepherd IS NOT a CEO. The Church IS NOT a business. A Church is a flock of believers that need shepherded and not treated as employees of a corporation. I am very serious my friends. It is not the duty of the sheep to enrich the pastor/shepherd and build great buildings and names for their CEO/pastor. Almighty YaHVeH does not appreciate this mentality and pastor/shepherds will give an account to Almighty God for how they shepherd His flock. A flock should reasonably support their pastor as he does a good job of shepherding.

There are quite a few fine pastor/shepherds in the USA, and there are many BAD PASTORS in the USA. Too many are out to make a name for themselves and to build great monuments to themselves and to get the highest salary they can. This is shameful and a great waste. I Timothy 3:1-7 gives a good description of what is expected from a pastor/shepherd. If you are a pastor/shepherd, be a good one. The Church needs fine Godly men, that care deeply for the well-being of the sheep. Almighty God will bless you as you look after the well-being of His sheep, for He is the Chief Shepherd.



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  1. James Price

    This well thought out and is a good article. Blessings!

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