Grave Buster

tombInside the tomb there was  a coolness as one single body lay motionless. There were tight wrappings from the neck down layer upon layer. A sticky gummy substance served as a type of glue between each layer of cloth, so that the body was in a type of cocoon as it were. A napkin cloth lay over the head of  our Savior. Yahshua’s killers, fearing that His disciples might make an attempt to steal His body, received permission from the Roman governor Pilate to secure the tomb. They sealed the tomb with an official government seal. Soldiers were ordered in front of the tomb to guard it from would-be intruders.

Suddenly from down in the heart of the earth below the tomb, a Spirit ascended up up up. Behind the great stone that covered the entrance, the Spirit burst up from the rock floor and entered into the lifeless body causing it to grow warm? Yahshua’s eyes fluttered open and  He sat up and then stood up out of the wrappings. The wrappings retained the shape of His body; only now, they were slightly caved in from the absence of His body. Yahshua took the cloth napkin that had covered His face, wrapped it together, and laid it over to the side. Christ passed through the rock tomb to the outside at the speed of light, removing Himself beyond.

Along about dawn, a mighty earthquake shook the ground in Jerusalem, as the angel of Almighty God descended from heaven. He had a fearsome countenance in the manner of lightning and bright white garments. The angel removed the large stone from its place, so that anyone could see inside, that the tomb no longer held control of the dead. The Roman seal was broken in the process,  and the angel sat upon the great stone. The soldiers were so terrified, that they trembling passed out cold on the ground as if they were dead. Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Salome had been approaching the tomb.  The angel informed them, that Yahshua Jesus had risen from the dead and invited them to see where Christ had laid. Later Peter and John ran to the tomb and found it empty, just as the women reported. They both went inside and examined the scene for their selves. There, to their amazement, lay a cocoon shape still wrapped as if there were a body inside, only it was empty and slightly caved in. John saw and believed.



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