Democracy Dragging Israel Down

3884238575Arabs and Muslims should be denied the right to vote in Israel. Don’t get me wrong here. Arabs and Muslims are people of equal value with the rest of us and they too are people for whom Christ died on the cross; however, they should be prohibited from troubling the inner workings of Jewish society. Israeli-Arab MK Haneen Zoabi is a perfect example of this. She is little more than a traitor and an insurrectionist politically speaking. She is an Arab that lives in Israel, but she does not love Israel. It is good that Israel tolerates peoples that are different from them, unlike the vast majority of Muslim nations, but it is ridiculous to let these people disrupt their nation. There is so much debate about how democratic Israel should be. Did you know, that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world compared to about 14 million Jewish people? That is more than a 100:1 ratio. Did you know that Muslim nations control millions of square miles of territory compared to Israel’s slightly more than 8 thousand square miles of territory? This is more like a 1000:1 ratio. So why do the Muslims want the land of Israel too? If you were to use a phrase from the deep south where I am from, you would say they are hoggish (they want what is theirs and they also want what belongs to everyone else), but let us put it more nicely: they are extremely greedy and selfish. Because of this, democracy should not be more important in Israel, than Israel being a Jewish nation. With 20% of Israel’s population being Arab/Israeli, you get people like Haneen Zoabi ranting anti-Israeli rhetoric in the Knesset. It is conceivable that the Arab/Muslim population in Israel could someday outnumber those of Jewish descent; at which time, the Arab/Muslims would vote a Muslim as Prime Minister of Israel and the Knesset too would be dominated by Muslims. If and when that would happen, the Muslims would force the Jews to accept Sharia Law. This is completely unacceptable. YaHVeH gave the Sons of Jacob the Land of Israel, because He wanted them to have it. What is wrong with Israel being first and foremost Jewish? Where is it written, that democracy is in all cases the proper form of government? Why should the United States of America dictate to Israel how it is to be governed? Israel should be strictly a Jewish Republic. Within this Jewish Republic there should be reasonable tolerance for minorities enshrined in the constitution. The world needs to back off, if it knows what is good for it, for Almighty God YaHVeH, the God of Israel, the God of heaven and earth, the mighty one and only true and living God is watching.


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