Kick Him in the Shin and Cry Wolf

images (6)You know what? You almost have to salute Hamas for its stubborn rebellious determination to accomplish its viciously evil goals at all costs. Is it really okay to salute the wicked? Of course it is not okay; however, Hamas understands the pathetic inability of the peoples of this earth to respond justly to Hamas’ pernicious schemes and plays them for suckers. Hamas desires and entices Israel to shoot at them, as they hide behind the skirts of their women and the United Nations Organization. The world is so utterly foolish, that they are faked into believing that Israel is the culprit. Apparently the world thinks it is okay for Hamas to shoot at Israel from behind women and the UN, and that Israel should allow Hamas to shoot at them as long as it is from behind women and the UN. President Obama has continued using drones to attack terrorists in spite of collateral damage and in spite of how much Pakistan complains about the deaths of their civilians in these drone attacks. I am fascinated with how entirely gullible humans are. Israel has restrained itself for months on end, while Hamas shot rockets by the scores randomly into Israel. Everybody knows that it is a stupid idea to walk up to the strongest boy on the playground and kick him in the shins. Such an act invites the strong boy to crush the not so smart shin kicker. Most of the kids on the playground are smarter than to do this, but not Hamas. Hamas has no shame. With yellow stripe painted down the back of Hamas, they dare the world to side with Israel as they whine and whimper after being crushed. And don’t say to me, “I feel so sorry for the people of Gaza”. The people of Gaza voted Hamas into power. Hamas is in power, because the people of Gaza chose them to be in power. I am not duped by them in the least. The people of Gaza are responsible for their women and children. If you were in Israel’s shoes having your own family attacked by someone who simply hated you because they want to hate you, then you would do to Hamas and Gaza what Israel has done, only you would not have waited so long to do it and you would have crushed them without explanation. If your answer is, “No I would not.”, then you really do not love your family. If Hamas were real men, they would do everything in their power to protect their women and children, but apparently they are not real men. I love my wife and children far more than to hide behind them and shoot at my enemy; quite to the contrary, I want my wife and children to hide behind me while I protect them. I love my wife and children far more, than to plan for them to bleed to death in this fashion. Let us be clear here. Hamas is so bankrupt on morality, that they obviously do not love their women and children. If the people of Gaza could actually destroy Israel, they would not turn it into a glorious place. They would most likely let it grow up in weeds. The people of Gaza HATE the nation of Israel and the children of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. I will repeat: the people of Gaza HATE Israel. If a person sets their heart and soul on a death wish; there is nothing anyone can do to save them. If a person wishes to cut off their nose to spite their face, should we pass a law that you cannot cut off your nose to spite your face? You can rescue Hamas time and again, but you cannot stop Hamas from putting their women and children at risk without fighting them to unconditional surrender. Hamas is stubbornly determined to have it no other way. Hamas lives and breathes to destroy Israel. It is written in their charter. Their life revolves around killing and destruction. They spend their days building weapons of offense and figuratively speaking foaming at the mouth with hatred for Israel. They are not worried about defensive weapons, because they know Israel desires to live in peace. Did you get that? They HATE Israel. They are JEALOUS of Israel. Apparently their god Allah drives them to kill and maim Hebrews. Apparently their god Allah is more interested in destroying Israel, than he is in their well-being. If the people of Gaza spent half as much time working on building a decent civilization as they do on trying to destroy Israel, it would be a nice place to live. Have you noticed how frustrated Hamas is at their inability to destroy Israel? Hamas succeeded in stashing thousands of missiles for the destruction of Israel. But YaHVeH is always three steps ahead of Allah. While Hamas gleefully conspired a new war with Israel with new weaponry (thousands of missiles), YaHVeH leisurely inspired the people of Israel with the new Iron Dome defensive weapon. It is a sensational defensive weapon, that tracks many missiles’ trajectory at one time. Iron Dome does not even bother to shoot at missiles it determines are on a harmless path. It only intercepts missiles that are determined to be a threat to Israelis. It is apparently 90% successful. When such a defensive weapon did not exist anywhere in the world, how is it that the tiny nation of Israel was able to develop it just in time to counter Hamas and Hezbollah missiles? The simple answer is this: YaHVeH God of Israel always has an adequate solution for Israel and for His people. Oh yes, you can be sure, that Hamas is frustrated out of their minds at their inability to destroy Israel. How can Israel survive for thousands of years, in spite of countless attacks and hatred projected in its direction? YaHVeH!

Let me try to wrap this up. YaHVeH the God of Israel chose the people of Israel to bring His Word to the world. He chose Israel to bring Yahshua Messiah to the world. The world cannot help itself. It is intrigued with the land of Israel, because the Creator of the world chose it for His own special people Israel. It is the very center of the face of the earth. It ties three continents together. None of this is by accident. Jerusalem is the Holy City, because YaHVeH God chose for it to be. Allegedly Mecca is the holy city for Muslims, but they don’t want Israel to have their Holy City Jerusalem. Their is a war raging in the heavenlies. There exists no better explanation for the endless conflict in the Middle-East. Almighty God YaHVeH has allowed Satan a long period of time to try and deceive the generations into rebellion against Him, but YaHVeH reserves the right to deliver all who will trust in Yahshua Messiah. YaHVeH also reserves the right to bring an end on His own terms. As surely as I live and breathe, YaHVeH will bring an end to the world as we know it on His own terms. The people of Gaza will never conquer and destroy all of Israel. The sons of Ishmael will never completely conquer and destroy all the people of Israel. The rulers of this world will never rid itself completely of the people of Israel. Israel has always risen from the ashes and gone right on living and prospering. Hear this plainly: Israel will always survive whatever scheme Allah brings against it! It is not in the power of Allah to destroy Israel. YaHVeH God of Israel will never allow it, because He alone is sovereign and all the other so-called gods pale in comparison to Him. Yahshua Son of YaHVeH is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. His kingdom is an everlasting kingdom and His children will continue from generation to generation blessed be His (1)


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