Hamas Cowards

images (5)The battle continues to rage in Israel and Gaza. I have a new synonym for Hamas: cowards! They fight their battles from behind the skirts of women and children. These are not warriors, because warriors do not seek the death of their own civilians in order to gain sympathy from the world. I don’t think I have ever seen a more blatant demonstration of cowardice. It is maliciously and insidiously evil. So this is the face of Islam? Listen up ye people; whoever has eyes to see and ears to hear should call for the destruction of Hamas. Human decency demands it. The worst sort of human behavior is being demonstrated right before our eyes. Hamas is visiting genocidal suicide by proxy upon its own people.

I think it is equally appalling, that Obama, Kerry, Ban Ki-Moon and others do not have the balls to give Israel the green light  in its efforts to rid itself of this militant cancer. What kind of men are these anyway? Are they so naive, that they don’t understand, that Hamas is playing them for fools with the “kill civilians from behind civilians” scheme? Obama, Kerry and Ban Ki-Moon’s pathetic strategy is to call for a ceasefire? They should stay out of Israel’s way and let them take care of business! If this is the face of world leadership, then the world is doomed. Any number of people off the street could do a better job. Is this the kind of wisdom Harvard, Yale, Princeton and others are turning out these days? I am completely appalled by the lack of insight possessed by world leaders, but I am not surprised. It is obvious that these men will never be able to lead the world to a good place.


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