King of Kings

images (1)Yahshua Jesus instructed his disciples to bring a certain donkey to Him. He then mounted up and proceeded to ride into Jerusalem the holy city. Throngs of people placed their cloaks in the road before Him, waving palm branches and celebrating the coming of Messiah (Meshiak). Yahshua Jesus did not ask permission to do this: He is the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He deservedly received their worship and praise. The Jewish rulers were incensed and desired Him to silence the celebrators; to which He responded, “If these hush the stones would immediately cry out”. One week later Christ deliberately delivered Himself into the hands of His adversaries to become a blood sacrifice for sins.  He exercised incredible self-control in submitting to crucifixion, when He could have slaughtered His tormentors effortlessly. HalleleuYaH  to the mighty warrior Yahshua! The world is full of people who resist their own Creator, and Almighty God has appointed a grace period in which He indulges this foolishness.  He waits patiently, while most of the world treats Him spitefully. He is undaunted by these rebellious souls, who SEEM to rule the day. The Almighty has prepared a day for righting all wrongs and for bringing 100% justice to all people. He sits serenely on His thrown as they vainly hurl their insults and smugly proclaim disbelief in His very existence. It is His hearts desire to be a Loving Father even to the brashest of the brash. At the appointed time, Christ will warrior into Jerusalem on a white horse with the title “King of Kings and Lord of Lords” written plainly for all to see. The time for riding lowly donkeys and withholding His mighty hand will have passed and the fate of billions will be sealed.



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