Israel Escapes?

Dove Olive BranchI am personally pleased to report, that it appears that Secretary of State John Kerry has failed to secure a peace agreement between Israel and the Palestinians. Please consider what I have to say in defense of this statement before launching an attack against me. It is fascinating to watch developments in the Middle-East. Why does the world even care what happens there? The most pointed answer to be had is “the nation of Israel”. The nation of  Israel itself is evidence that Almighty God exists. The world can’t seem to help but take an interest in it all. With all the oil and gas recently discovered in the United States, Russia, Canada and Australia, the oil in the Middle-East has lost much of its clout in world affairs. The middle-east should be less important to the rest of the world than before, but this simply is not the case. The world and its leaders are enthralled with the region.

As usual the United States has leaned on Israel to make concessions, but the Palestinians refuse to recognize Israel’s right to exist. Is it possible to make peace with a people whose greatest desire is to destroy you? The obvious and simple answer to this question is no, but apparently our government and the governments of this world don’t seem to be able to figure this out.  I suppose we could sit around and pretend, that teaching Palestinian children to hate Israelis really doesn’t matter. We could pretend that blowing up yourself with a bomb for no other reason but to kill Israelis is rational. We could pretend, that the Holy Bible is a myth. We could pretend that YaHVeH God does not mean what He says. We could pretend that the Koran’s predisposed hatred for Jews and Christians is okay. But peace should not be based on pretended things. Unfortunately the United States government seems determined to pretend that the Palestinians hatred for the Israelis really does not matter.  Somehow we can wave a magic wand and make everything alright? There are two or three well known facts that should be reason enough to cease this futile quest for peace between Israel and the Palestinians. #1 The Palestinians/Muslims goal is to dispossess Israel of all its land.  #2 The Almighty gave this small region to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their progeny as an everlasting possession. #3 Muslims willingly break their agreements when it furthers their cause.  Listen carefully. The only kind of peace you can have with someone like this is a pretended peace and a pretended peace is really no peace at all; therefore, the failure of John Kerry’s efforts in this matter is a very good thing.

Contrary to popular belief, it is the United States that really needs Israel and not Israel that needs the United States, because the blessing of YaHVeH God is upon the ones who bless Israel. The God of Israel still lives and reigns and He is not to be taken lightly. The Muslim’s god Allah has failed to destroy the Israelis at every turn and the exact reason is because Israel’s God YaHVeH outflanks him every time.

John Kerry and all the other leaders need to get in line with YaHVeH, if they don’t want to be crushed in the shuffle. It is a dangerous and careless game they are playing. The best thing they could do is get out of the way and leave Israel alone. If I were a betting man, I would wait until the odds were completely impossible and then I would lay all my chips on YaHVeH. It would be the safest bet ever placed. Blessed be the name YaHVeH now and forever!


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