Princes of Sloth

slothfulLiberal leaders are the “Princes of Sloth”. If truth does not scare you, read on. In Second Thessalonians chapter 3 you find this Christian teaching: If you do not work, you do not eat. Read it for yourself. The word sloth or slothful means: disinclination to action or labor; lazy, indolent, sluggard. A sloth is someone who is physically and mentally capable of work, but chooses not to work. First Timothy 5:8 further clarifies what the Almighty expects of men: the man who does not provide for his family is worse than an infidel and has denied the faith. Several passages in the Proverbs warn against slothfulness and the sluggard. It is clearly a moral matter that is important to Almighty God.

Nowadays to suggest, that a grown man who is not willing to work, should not be given food, is considered unkind, inhumane and mean. But the Creator tells us in the Holy Bible, that the sloth will suffer from his slothfulness. Almighty God makes it clear that poverty and hunger come as a result of slothfulness, but liberals reward and incentivize laziness. As I said, liberals are the princes of sloth. These Princes of Sloth promise goods and services to the slothful in order to receive their vote. This is nothing more than the immoral buying of votes with the public purse. The food stamp program rewards slothfulness. Government housing projects reward slothfulness. When people do not work for what they receive, much of the time they do not appreciate and take care of it. But the Princes of Sloth don’t care about that. They only want to stay in power and are willing to undermine the USA to do so. We have second and third generation welfare recipients as a result of this disastrous welfare state mentality. Obviously, welfare creates a give-me mentality and I am specifically putting the responsibility for this mess on the shoulders of liberal leaders. Oh, I am sure that there are a few examples out there that seem to defy what I am saying, but the vast majority of this phenomena hurts our nation more than it helps; after all, after 50 or more years of this disastrous experiment, there are more people on welfare instead of less. Remember, the Holy Bible Christian teaching is: if they don’t work, they don’t eat. The Princes of Sloth would have us to believe that this welfare thing that the government does is a teaching of Christ, but they are WRONG!

President Lyndon Johnson may have meant well with his attempt to eliminate poverty by way of his great society, but his efforts were doomed to failure from the beginning. Did you know that Christ said these words? “The poor you have with you always”? These words spoken by Christ have been true from the beginning of the world and they will always be true. Should we try to help the poor and needy? Of course we should! but not the way liberal leaders do it. By the way, the title “Liberal” seems so wondrously good, but these people are the Princes of Sloth. Their hand-out programs have been a disaster and always will be, because they are counter-productive. There are ways to incentivize hard-working behavior. Have you heard the saying: give a man a fish and he will want you to give him another fish, but give a man a fishing pole and train him to catch fish and you will incentivize him to take care of his family on his own? This is great wisdom. There are times when a well placed handout does a lot of good, but systematic handouts generally produce a slothful welfare state. Know this. The Princes of Sloth will never stop their foolish plunder of the hard working people and redistribution of this wealth to the slothful, because it is the basis of their survival politically. They want us to believe that they are kind and wise, but this is not generally true. If they were truly kind and wise, then they would put their own wealth on the line. They would be willing to help the poor and needy with their own hard earned money and not with public money collected for the basic needs of government.

Consider this. Second Corinthians 9:7 says this, “Every man according as he purposes in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly or of necessity: for Almighty God loves a cheerful giver”. When you plunder people’s hard earned money with taxes, only to give it away to the slothful, you not only make lazy people lazier, but you also create animosity and resentment among the hard workers. They will not give this extra tax cheerfully I assure you. The American people are a generous people, but many millions resent governmental plunder of their wealth for the slothful and rightfully so. Don’t let anyone tell you that this welfare state thing is biblical, because it is not, and I have given considerable Holy Bible evidence to refute it. It is right and good and biblical for individuals to help the poor and needy, but it is not biblical to plunder the wealth of the hard working for the benefit of the slothful.

I would like to add one more thing here. There are many out there, who are recipients of government largess under the guise of disability. I would guess some 98-99% of these so-called disabled probably do things like operate a computer on the internet, use the telephone without assistance, text, drive, and many other activities. Anyone who can do these activities could work at a job, even with their so-called disability. The society we live in uses tens of thousands and even hundreds of thousands of these job-related activities. It is not right for these individuals to collect a government check at the expense of those who are responsible and work. It is a shame and a disgrace, but the Princes of Sloth don’t care about that. What they most care about is receiving the gratuity of a vote for their deceitful kindness.


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