America Deserves Obama

Obama Wrecking-ballThere are several things that stand out sharply about Barack Obama. Obviously he is a very intelligent man. He possesses considerable charisma and has the power to persuade multitudes by his ideas. He is cunning with his use and delivery of words. He lures people into believing that he has answers. He approaches people with incredible confidence and they are sucked in by it.In Daniel 8:24, the Holy Bible gives us some insight into what appears to be characteristics of the anti-Christ who is to come. It says.

And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power. He shall destroy wonderfully and shall prosper and practice and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people.

Notice the phrase “destroy wonderfully”. The Holy Bible is not here declaring this to be a good thing,  but that it is an incredible thing. Now understand me clearly here. I do not think that Barack Obama is the anti-Christ at all. I am sure that he is not. My point is this. Barack Obama is destroying the United States wonderfully and incredibly. It is absolutely stupendous how this man is crumbling America all around us, and it is even more astonishing how many millions of Americans are right there with the President cheering him on. They obviously are blind to his goals and ambitions. He has lulled them into a deeper sleep than they already enjoyed, and has tickled their ears with all kinds of pleasant rhetoric, while burning the house down all around us. He is destroying beautifully, if you will, in wrecking-ball fashion. He has won the wrecking-ball achievement award with great fanfare and celebration. America has sinned beyond all belief and deserves to have Barack Obama as President. Our sins have found us out and we are facing future disastrous calamity. The writing is on the wall. While America parties in a drunken stupor into the wee hours of the morning, Barack Obama fiddles in pleasure at the sight of his handiwork with a grin on his face. Please take careful note of this Holy Bible passage in I Samuel 8:7.

YaHVeH said unto Samuel, “Hearken unto the voice of the people in all that they say unto you: for they have not rejected you, but they have rejected Me, that I should not reign over them”.

In this passage, the people of Israel insisted on having a king to rule them. They looked at the nations around them that had kings, and they wanted to have a king of their own. The problem was this: Almighty God ruled them through the prophets. The Almighty would reveal to the prophets what He wanted to be said to the people, and then the prophets would tell the people. Now let me carry on the thoughts of the first paragraph. For the wise objective mind, America was clearly founded upon the Holy Bible, Christianity and by Christians. Through great struggle, sacrifice and trust in Almighty God, the early settlers built one of the greatest nations that has ever graced the face of planet earth. Many thousands sacrificed their life’s blood to build this wonderful country. Because of their trust in Almighty God, coupled with their horrific sacrifices, the United States of America has excelled and surpassed all the nations of the earth in greatness. We were not ashamed of YaHVeH in those days; however, when the hard work brought in our golden age, people forgot the source or our strength. The past two generations have set about to break every restraint. We think that we have made ourselves great. We hardly know what the Holy Bible teaches anymore. Good is called evil and evil is called good. What once was obviously evil is now accepted as right and good. Now we have chosen a President that reflects who we are as a nation. He came in saying all the sweet little things our itching ears wanted to hear, without regard for the warning signs that were obviously present. Obama came in pretending to be a Christian. He pretended to be a lover of Israel.  He pretended to have America’s interests at heart, but a tree is known by its fruit. A true Christian does not systematically undermine Christianity in the way Barack Obama has undermined it. A true Christian does not promote Islam and cast out Christianity. A true lover of Israel does not Neville Chamberlain her and undermine her time and again in the way Barack Obama has. A true lover of the United States does not mock the people of the United States who cling to their guns and religion. A true lover of the USA does not pick apart its strengths and dig out from under the foundation that it was built upon. Yes, the mighty United States of America is teetering dangerously off its great foundation, while Barack Obama shovels out another spade full of dirt from under it. A man this intelligent and bright knows what he is doing and it is unspeakably destructive. America wanted Barack Obama and Almighty God has let us have him.


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