Israel’s God YHVH

old-jerusalem-wailing-wallHappy Valentine’s Day to all. I want to share with you an epic love story. In the Hebrew Bible, also known as the Old Testament to Christians, Almighty God revealed His name to Israel as YHVH. In Hebrew it is written from right to left HVHY. The Hebrew letters are yod hey vav hey. Some people render this name as Jehovah and others render it as YaH-VeH, but the vowels are very much in dispute. This name is most holy and the third commandment of the ten commandments states: “You shall not take the name of YHVH your God in vain, for YHVH will not hold him guiltless that takes His name in vain”. It is very foolish to use this name carelessly. Did you know, that every single time you inhale and exhale, you say the name YHVH? It has occured to me, that the misuse of “The Name” could literally disrupt a person’s health, seeing that our respiratory system is sustained by His name.

The great God of Israel looked out upon a world that was doomed because of rebellion and sin, and planned redemption for those who would humble themselves before Him. YHVH chose Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and their descendants to bring His WORD to world. Isn’t it interesting that Almighty God gave them the exact center of the geographical world? Isn’t it interesting, that even though Israel has been conquered and dispersed time and again from their homeland because of gross sins, they have survived? Isn’t it interesting, that the people of Israel gave birth to Yahshua Jesus the Messiah? Isn’t it interesting, that shortly after Israel rejected the Messiah, they were defeated by the Roman army in 70 A.D. and dispersed among the nations? Isn’t it interesting, that after over 1800 years, they have once again possessed the homeland that was promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as an everlasting possession? This is unprecedented in human history! Make no mistake about it; Almighty God YHVH loves the people of Israel. In spite of countless acts of aggression and genocide by the world down through the ages, YHVH has preserved His people. Isn’t it interesting, that though Israel is opposed by all the Arab and Muslim nations both far and near, they go right on flourishing?

Did you know that the land of Israel is only approximately 39 miles wide x 260 miles long? There are about 8 million Jewish people living in Israel with perhaps that many more living in other parts of the world. Compare that with approximately 1.6 billion Muslims including the Arabs, who generally oppose them. This is approximately a 100 to 1 ratio. Are you getting the picture? Add to that all the antisemitism by other nations and political leaders and you should realize the odds against the people of Israel.

Israel’s God YHVH is not a stranger to outlandish odds; in fact, He rather delights in impossible odds, because through them He demonstrates His greatness. Over and over again He has allowed the odds to increase exponentially before He acts. In the Holy Bible, an Assyrian king named Sennacharib came against one nation after another and defeated them. He also came against Israel and Judah and had his way with them for a while. Then he approached the city of Jerusalem with his large army. He taunted the people of Jerusalem and their king Hezekiah with words such as: “None of the gods of the nations I have come against have been able to deliver them out of my hand.”  King Sennacharib of Assyria made one fatal mistake: he included YHVH with the other gods. King Hezekiah of Israel began to fast and pray to YHVH for deliverance from the Assyrian king. In response YHVH sent the prophet Isaiah to King Hezekiah of Israel with the message, that He YHVH would protect Jerusalem. That night a single angel from YHVH killed all the Assyrian army of 185,000 men.

Stop and think about that! The rulers and politicians of the earth had better wake up. YHVH is in love with Israel. He chose them to bless the world with His WORD and with the Messiah Yahshua Jesus. It is true that He punished them severely for gross sin, but He is not finished with them. It is no accident, that after 1800 years of exile, they once again inhabit the land YHVH promised to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob for an everlasting possession. The atheistic rulers of the former Soviet Union were not able to uproot Israel through their Arab proxies. Hitler killed 6 million Jews, but was unsuccessful in his attempts to annihilate them. Islam’s god Allah has failed again and again to push Israel into the sea. All the gods of the nations have utterly failed to do away with YHVH’s people Israel. The European and American politicians had best leave Israel alone in their attempts to divide Israel and Jerusalem. YHVH is very patient, long-suffering and merciful, but He is also a God of justice and truth. YHVH has made this very clear in His WORD.

Israel, you are much more than YHVH’s valentine. Neither fear the nations nor their gods. They are no match for your God YHVH. He has preserved you and returned you to the land of your forefathers Abraham, Isaac and Jacob. Look to Him. You don’t need the Europeans in order to be safe. You don’t need the Americans and their weapons to be safe. The highest priority concerning your national security is to turn your hearts back to your God YHVH. He has protected you against all odds. Seek His face with all your heart. He loves you dearly. Happy Valentine’s day!     


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